Ukraine Wins Back Territory From Russia!

The news networks have brimmed with stories lately of the stunning Kharkiv counter-offensive that has seen Ukraine recapture vast swathes of territory from the invading Russians. Have we reached a turning point in the war? Is the handwriting on the wall for Putin and his marauding Russian hordes? Or is this a mere blip, a short-term stumble for the Russian Bear before he continues his inexorable march across all of the Donbass, and possibly all of Ukraine?

Jimmy and his panel of America’s comedian Kurt Metzger and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle discuss this surprising turn of events in the Ukraine War and their larger significance.

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  1. Why did Russia Take up to 3000 square kms of land and then decide they did not want it? Is that why they gave of the North and never entered Kiev as well back in April? The third most powerful army in the world giving up land to little Ukraine is no big deal…Really?

  2. When you understand that the Kharkiv region was only held by a small number of Russian allies that held the region to FIX the Ukrainians around the region. Russia knew it was a weak spot in the 1300mile frontline but it was meant to be. When they tried the Kherson counter it failed, then they moved much of the hardware and personnel up north the the Kharkiv region. The concentrated their troops there. When Kiev pushed through and theyn't were being pummeled in a cauldron of their own making, it was clear it was an intended weak spot for Ukraine to concentrate on. (This counter was being planned for the last couple months and over the last month they pulled more troops and in particular civilians out of that area that wanted to go.

    Now they pulled all the forces up north then the hit of the electric systems stopping the trains running and the quick redeploy of Kievs forces by train to Ugledar. Russia stopped the Electricity system and stopped the build up on the south. The last 3 other counters of the Kiev forces failed. And it wouldn't be difficult to understand the protection in the south for all those civilians there. Russia even started rebuilding Mariupol and won't let that go, not Kherson, nor Donetsk.

  3. That's all propaganda, Ukraine simply want's to take back nuclear plant, largest in the country, because otherwise West allies will have to give Ukraine free energy (can you imagine doing that this winter?). That's why there was all that BS about weapon-free zone around the plant – to simplify capturing station for Ukrainians (no fly zone – Libya 2.0). Russia sent a clear message to Macron specifically – destroyed large power stations in Kharkov and two other cities.

  4. Russian soldiers are on the run in some places. Russia is not going to win this war. Just tuned in to see how you are managing this obvious conflict with your stated expectations.
    Quite poorly. This speaker contradicts his own facts. Many obvious opinion-based suppositions on which you've built conclusions. If you say little about this conflict for which
    you demonstrate NO comprehension(of even how to pronounce 'Kharkiv'), you will betray your own ignorance less often. This is the method you choose to eat shit!???

  5. You can call it a Russian "tactical retreat" all you want Jimmy.

    To anyone with military experience, this is nothing other than a full-on rout.

    You don't abandon your ammo and equipment and run back to the border when doing a tactical retreat.

  6. Have you seen the "kill list" of the Ukrainian government? They target journalists, civilians etc. Roger Waters, Colonel Douglas Macgregor and Faina Savenkova (13 years old) are on the list. Makes me sick.

  7. Got to be impressed by the UK/US led propaganda drive on behalf of the Ukrainian neo-nazi regime. I have a feeling the thousands of Ukrainian casualities in the south and north are being suppressed while the Russian/DPR forces lost only a fraction while pulling back. A war is not won with one success. We will have to see what Russia plans as they must have been aware of the Ukrainian buildup from their own satellite/drone and on the ground intelligence. It aint over to the actor's regime swings.

  8. Kharkiv has been fully De-Nazified. That was a key factor of Russia initially taking it.
    Russian and Chechen forces had already killed, arrested or accepted the surrender of most of the remaining AZOV and other Neo Nazis in the area.
    Did the US Marines remain in Hue when they took it? Or Fallujah? 
    Did the US 101st remain on Hamburger Hill?
    Why keep a concentrated Garrison of soldiers and equipment there? 
    Besides, Ukrainian are now flanked by the concentrate of troops and equipment that was pulled from the area

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