Ukraine’s Bakhmut: Inside the frontline city • FRANCE 24 English

The eastern city of Bakhmut has become the most active and violent frontline in the Ukraine war. It is constantly pounded with both Russian and Ukrainian artillery, and infantry is fighting on the streets. Our reporters James André and Mayssa Awad spent six days inside Bakhmut. They followed Ukrainian soldiers fighting to hold the city and the last residents struggling to survive under constant shelling. This is their exclusive report.
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  1. There is no way to end this fight. Russia is being run by fanatics who are absolutely determined to swallow up at least a third of Ukraine before they even think of stopping this madness.

  2. "My school was destroyed. School number 5." So say thank you to your Ukrainian defenders, if they had not been hiding there, the school would have remained.

  3. Bakhmut, Soledar are largely back in Russian control. Have been for sometime. But like in Mariopol, Zelensky refuses to surrender, knowing fully well that Russia has won but he uses the lives of his soldiers for propaganda and bargaining leverage, constantly asking the west for more money and weapons. We have seen all this before.. no amount of money and weapons delivered Zelensky success. His big slogans of counter offensive stopped dead Infront of the Russian forces, and even the muddy fields Zelensky occupied, and Herson city empty now.. achieved nothing, apart from tens of thousands newly dead young Ukrainian soldiers.. often fighting against their will, against their Russian brothers. All true Ukrainians know that they are Russians,band always have been. No amount of propaganda and terror will change that fact, in the blood of the people.
    Thank Goodness for Russia. The World's Public is cheering Russia, and will only grow that support..all the way to the Polish border.. NATO's deep dig in bunker, which most Europeans reject, and can never support.

  4. When you start listening and following the US, that is when you lose control of your own interests. Europe is paying a big price. But the worst is the people of Ukraine. They are suffering a huge price, paid with lives, blood, and total destruction. When your country and people are destroyed, you're already lost.

  5. Why are the russians seeming firing randomly in to the city, can some one explain. It seems like shell are hitting the most strange places. Like so dudes back yard?

  6. I am amazed, A report minus the usual cringeworthy propaganda. We see how divided the support for Ukraine is and the witnes the dehumanisation of Russian soldiers which leads to the worst human rights abused by the Ukrainian army.

  7. a bit of outdated news… this major frontline city is already surrounded by russians as of today. have some family there rn…and they guy on the video is right – once this city is taken, Khramatorks and Slavyansk are gonna be pretty much the last ones to take in Donbass by russians to complete their mission. Thats where everything began in 2014

  8. "it's going ok", really? Ukraine has lost the equivalent of a brigade defending this town that will inevitably fall. They are being used as cannon fodder.

  9. You are our Hero!!!! You are saving democracy!!! More heroism!!! All civilized world with you!!! Thanks to your heroic fight our economy is recovering, more jobs, more businesses, we will remember your sacrifice for civilized humanity, you are not alone: Indians, Tasmanians, many aborigines around the world all those heroic people contributes to build our beautiful world and we remember them, we celebrate Thanksgiving every year… God Help You and God Bless America!!!

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