Ukrainian army: Russian convoy destroyed near Kyiv

Ukrainian troops inspected the damage of what they said was a destroyed Russian military convoy near Kyiv early on Saturday.
The Ukrainian military said that a Russian convoy had been struck to the west of the capital Kyiv. #UkraineRussia

Written by euronews


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  1. Thank the nations that cannot curb their appetite for oil for financing Putin's aggression. Germany especially and others could defeat Russia without firing a single bullet. What makes this all the more insane is that in just a short decade or so all countries of the world will, due, as former U.S. president Jimmy Carter put it, to the inexorable laws of nature, have to curb their appetites for oil ANYWAY … These same countries are simply failing to do now what they will absolutely need to do in a few short years.

  2. And how you know that this is Russian vehicle ? And where is this “convoy” ? Its a single truck in the midlle of nowhere !Stop this west propaganda ! As soon as ukraininan understand that they have not a chance as soon the war will over !

  3. This reminds me when Yugoslav army with Serbian rebels attack Croatia. Now is Russian aggressor attacking Ukrainian suverein county . They didn't learned lessons from Afganistan., when they withdrawed from there after thousands of death soldiers.
    Solidarity for Ukraine 🇺🇦 🙏🇭🇷

  4. We in the west are so lucky. We can simply snap our fingers and boom "we're a woman", be admitted across the border and not have to defend our homeland. We can enjoy everything life has to offer and not have to pay for it…..ever.

  5. So
    stop feeding fakes
    I Googled a little and found out that these two trucks of the MAZ-5433 brand or a similar modification found in the armed forces of Ukraine in the Russian army did not find mention

  6. The sad part of that is among all that is pieces of flesh and bone that used to be a human that was loved by someone……. This war was provoked by those outside these two countries that are the real evil of it. I believe if both leaders sat down and made some comprises but most of all each of them needs reassurance for the future that is not polluted by outside governments and agendas there would be peace and it would be over and they could show the rest of the world there is humanity …… A real lesson for all and put those that are influencing this sort of situation out of business and people unite around the world………..

  7. To encourage people to fight is as crazy as attack itself. Somebody needs to be wise here as Tolstoy said "do not fight evil with violence!" Stop fighting and Biden stop support to Ukraine. Let Russians come in and then end it with the moral power in negotiation. The fighting increases primitive hatred. Zelenskii and Poroshenko are dangerous inviting the whole world to fight for their problems. Ukraine and Russia are two brother countries based on Cyril- Methodius historical cultural traditions and faith. Learn from CECHS and SLOVAKS. They did not fire one gun shot yet they accomplished everything with peace and negotiation. LEARN FROM CZECHOSLOVAKIA! STOP FIGHTING NOW! And cool off your heads. Killing among brothers is the worse kind of sin.

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