Ukrainian Boxer Holds Nazi Flag While Accepting Medal

16-year-old Ukrainian boxer Diana Petrenko took the silver medal at a recent boxing tournament in Hungary, and while on the medal stand took the opportunity to unfurl the flag of the Azov Battalion, a Ukrainian neo-Nazi militia force. She was asked to put down the flag, but otherwise will face no repercussions, but meanwhile Russian athletes are barred from even participating in international athletic competitions just by dint of their nationality.

Jimmy and his panel of The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the casual acceptance of Nazi iconography when it’s in service of U.S. imperialism.

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  1. The same toxic mentality that has enabled the Russians is still rife in the West, I see. Always beating the Nazi dead horse while being silent about Soviet/Russian atrocities. Can't you see that all of this ritualized silence of yours has given the Russians the idea that invasions, massacres and rapes are "kosher" when /they/ do it?

  2. Controlled demolition of the economy.. kinda like the controlled demolition of the trade towers .. interesting coincidence 🤔 so the symbol of the economy gets destroyed, and 20 years later, the economy follows..

  3. There are photos of murdered citizens of Mariupol in wheelchairs on the streets of Mariupol, as a consequence of the Azow battalions initially successful storm on the city in 2015 or 2016 I believe.

    The Lockdowns and the western suicidal sanctions are today's economic shock therapy on us!.

    Does Noone remember the Chicago boys and what they did to Chilé.

    Sanctions against Russia = economic shock therapy on the USA and EU to assist Klaus Schwab and friends new green Nazi great reset investment portfolios.

  4. Lol ,why she don't use just Ukraine flag🧐What point in glorification in this "brigate" call them as you want,they fucking literally sitting in Soviet Union made bunker with fucking pile of weapon and their literally outnumber Russian and Dnr/Lnr troops ,they scouting "Azov Stal" plant in small numbers ,yeah they use artillery and e.t.c but so-called brave Viking make miserable attempts for escaping,just begging whole world lol and sitting in basement literally and have civilians as hostage and wounded VSU troops.

  5. This is the end of USA and the west in general, this is not the end of Russia. This combo of "global" nazism and bolshevism (it is both, yes) pushed by the west is actually satanism. Yes, satanism, because everything is upside-down and that's the doctrine of satanism… plus hatred of humanity and Gods creation as a whole.

  6. And the show goes on and on 🤣😂 the whole world is already laughing about USA! The shity ass retreat form Afghanistan was so embarrassing but Ukraine is just cheery on top! Who is taking USA seriously now? NOONE!

  7. The Germans forced the communists out. Why would the Ukrainians not look on the the Nazis’s positively. The Ukrainians fought the communists for 10 years after WWII. Not hard to figure.

  8. It’s nice to see Dore, Blumenthal, et al have finally awakened to the corruption of big pharma, the plandemic, and regulatory capture of the FDA, DHHS, CDC, NIH, and the others.

  9. A Nazi flag or a Flag of the German Wehrmacht in the Ukraine, is probably due to the fact that the Ukrainians were starved to death under Stalin. 10 million of them. So when Hitler invaded they saw it as a liberation. Many still think that way. They are not supposedly antisemitic or Nazis, they are just Ukrainian nationalists.

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