Ukrainian casualties have gone through the roof

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Audio timestamps (2 calls): 20 and 21 Feb 2023.

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  1. That Lindsay Graham is like a KKK guy from the 1930s. He's a total redneck. He always appears red-faced. I bet he spends all day drinking beer and eating red meat. I wish that Graham could be captured by the Chechens. Now that would be pure justice.
    That would be appropriate for this scoundrel.

  2. Guys, on New Start you missed a real vital information, published by the Russian Foreign Ministry just 1 day after Vladimir Putin made his suspension statement:
    ,,Russia will continue to abide by the limits on its nuclear arsenal under the agreement, government officials said, despite President Vladimir Putin's announcement of the suspension of the New Start treaty with the United States. "Russia intends to maintain a responsible approach and will continue to strictly adhere to the quantitative limits on strategic offensive arms during the term of the treaty," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in Moscow on Tuesday evening. The contract is valid until 2026.''
    Draw your own conclusions please.

  3. Colonel, you mentioned that the Russian's made a mistake at the beginning of their special operation initially, cause of misjudgment of the situation & poor information. This hasn't changed since, cause you got to bear in mind, that the Russian intervened in the east of Ukraine since 2014. Now the static situation hasn't really changed since, there was very limited land gain as result of the fighting, right? If you believe that tooth to tail provision of approx. 100.000 real combat Russian soldiers will make a difference, then go ahead. They'll be confronted by partisans and that requires even more soldiers to control this kind of war. As you mentioned, the Russians have their strategy since Napoleon (and WW1 & 2) however the Ukrainians have that too, particularly in partisan warfare, which they continued long after WW2 till the mid 50s. Conclusion? I think land for peace will happen sooner or later and the West will have to accept that the annexation of southern and eastern Ukrainian oblasts of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia and Cherson into the Russian Federation, which was unilaterally proclaimed by the Russian government on September 30, 2022 will be seen as a given, including Crimea ! All this started in the spring of 2014, when pro-Russian separatists proclaimed the “Luhansk People's Republic” and “Donetsk” in the two eastern oblasts. In the course of the against Ukraine since early 2022, Russia conquered further areas of these two oblasts as well as large parts of the south-eastern Ukrainian oblasts of Zaporizhia and Cherson. Both the Russians and the Ukrainians' (that including their Western Supporters), will have to face reality and demonstrate responsibility. It looks to me as if large scale direct wars are currently no longer part of the Deeper State Agenda, and the resources are globally set up in a way, that there is only little room for action. Given this personal judgment I add: The Ukraine war is a Russian/US/European, probably even China arranged a large scale destruction operation to catches our (EU/US/Russia) ultimate attention, and let us miss all the other key initiatives that are introduced behind the scenes to get ultimate control on us, the people and increase revenues. I might have only be a normal conscript 40 years ago in the Bundeswehr, but one thing I learnt in my life: Things are never as they look like at the first glance. Both of you have the intellectual capacity and knowledge to judge my assessment. Thanks

  4. We love ❤️ earth humans. Even though we call. Them. Stupid. Sometimes. So it is complicated. China is a poison country same as usa state department Pentagon. China murders fallen. Gong citizens of China. China is horrible Satanist. Communists pedifiles murder ers .so it's complicated. So China bad. Russia good.

  5. We love surgery larry Google MacGregor but the whole. Thing is. Complicated. China are Satanist communists horrible criminals. Why does putting side. With China because he has no choice.

  6. 1- Russia considers Ukraine as it's younger sister. Though in dispute, their blood bond will never break.
    2 – Russia will not tolerate any attempt to pollute Ukrainian soil will depleted uranium, and will go right up to the Polish border if there is any attempt to use these munitions on Ukranian soil.
    3 – Russia is giving time for their brothers in Ukraine to infiltrate and defeat the west from within.

  7. Colonel Retard has special access to Ukrainian casualties because he's good friends with all the Ukrainian generals, obviously! He's NOT making it up! No way he would just fabricate information!

  8. the earthquake in Turkey/ Syria was America proving to the world how far their technology has evolved, this is why Biden is so arrogant & refuses to backdown…never forget the amount of money the U.S spends on tech….Putin & Xi both know how powerful America's tech has become, unfortunately Col. Mc Gregor although an astute & honest indivdual has no idea of the U.S's black projects….

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