Ukrainian Journalist Exposes the Azov Battalion

Click here for the full episode, including the extended interview with Lev Golinkin on disinformation, weapons manufacturers, and Aaron’s fight with a bloody normal Nazi denier:

The Nation’s Lev Golinkin has an important message that most people in mainstream news can’t seem to wrap their heads around:

“Russia is committing war crimes. That is true. And not everyone who is fighting Russia is a good guy. That is also true.”

And some of these bad guys are Nazis.

Lev, who sees his home country being terrorized by Russia while also by it’s own neo-Nazi extremists, brings a new perspective to the war that is rarely shared.

And why is his voice stifled? Because of disinformation launderers like Nina Jankowicz, Orwellian head of Biden’s (now-paused) Disinformation Board, who have a pro-war agenda, whitewash Nazism, and smear anyone who disagrees with them.

Read Lev’s articles at the Nation, read his memoir, and watch Useful Idiots. It’s the last stand against the supercalifragicensors.

And become a Substack subscriber to see the full interview where we discuss disinformation, weapons manufacturers, and Aaron’s fight with a Nazi denier.

It’s all this, and more, on this week’s episode of Useful Idiots. Check it out.

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  1. 5:40 Every time I see that Jankowitz clip I feel bad…she should have gone into music, her voice isn't actually that bad, but you can tell she's struggling a bit in the second half of the clip…

  2. Although the guy was comfortable spilling the beans of atrocities of Bandera while steering clear of calling him what he was (a genocidal maniac) he whitewashed the current regime while it’s working hand in hand with neonazis for common goals, banned all opposition parties and let convicted neonazi murderers out of prisons. As for the Russian invasion of Ukraine (which you folks call “Putin’s” for some reason), you might need to read up on OSCE reports of increasing artillery shelling on Donbas from UA side prior to the special operation, and ask yourself why were the ~100k UA troops situated on the border of Donbas at that time, if you don’t believe the documented accounts of planned UA invasion of the eastern regions. Nobody wants war, but Russians wouldn’t be able to look at themselves in the mirror if they let the Banderovites slaughter oppressed people of eastern Ukraine. Simple as. I might be more critical of the war when Russia bombs Kiev residential areas. So far no such things have occurred and the best ukies come up with are massacres of Russian “conspirators” turned into false flags.

  3. за зеленского проголосовал восток Украины, который надеялся, что зеленский остановить бойню и выполнит минский договор

  4. Sun Tzu says: you create your own enemy and Russia has done that going all the way back to Stalin… this “war” is being fought on a famine graveyard for you to to think anyone can or should be sympathetic to Russia is some kind of sick joke. Only those on the “Putin payroll” or just Russia simps can afford that.

  5. I found the guest interesting but his critical analysis of Ukraine as fundamentally non-Nazi is miscalibrated. Of course, Ukraine /= Azov. But they enjoy BROAD public support across western Ukraine. Look on Odysee for 10s of thousands of civilians cheering Azov as they march through the streets of Kyiv with blue-gold swastikas

  6. Mr Golinkin is not mentioning Victoria Nuland being body body with neo Nazis 2014 and Kolomoisky (crook) supported Zelenky financially when he was running for president and the same time he was helping neo Nazis

  7. The people of the Ukraine want peace but as Noam Chomsky recently pointed out, the neo-Nazis and Biden wouldn't allow Zelensky to make peace (as per his election promises) and this escalation of the war was the inevitable result.

  8. It is disturbing that you failed to point out that the motive for HR 7791 Baby formula bill was designed to redirect baby formula supplies from the average citizen to welfare recipients on the WIC program. All babies equally deserve to eat, not just babies whose mothers get welfare.

  9. Guys, you two might be the useful idiots today. Greene voted against the bill because it would have only benefited WIC recipients, which would have resulted in other problems. First, it would have given the government more control over the supply, and the government would have ramped up the stock piling of formula shifting the shortage even more to the WORKING CLASS. You know, all the people out there paying taxes!! It also would have given them more access to formula to ship to the southern border for illegal immigrants, which again, would have a negative effect on working Americans. You know, all those people who pay taxes!

  10. The food distribution system seems to have failed to provide adequate products to Citizens….
    The US Ag System seems to be a failure?
    We have arrived back at the Bonanza Farms times that evolved in the early 1900's?

  11. CIA have used Nazi Guys for Espionage since 1950, the list of available Nazi Guys that Victoria Nuland employed.
    Romanian Kids seem to have some retained dislike for Russia that Grandpa delivered when they were little?

  12. This is so frustrating. I support the Ukrainian people in this war, but I refuse to support people and groups (like Azov) who would imprison, torture, or kill people who look me if they were given the chance, and have already done so to countless people in eastern Ukraine.

  13. The sun sign from the Nazis is a mirror image of the Indian sun wheel! Perhaps it was taken from very old black and white pictures which were mirror imaged. Which in turn makes my sarcastic brain think, aha unwittingly they turned the live giving sun into the opposite! Sigh, I'm German, that's how my humor works!

  14. Hitler came with 32% of the popular vote into power. Fueled by the real suffering of the populis, basically he offered every German a chicken in the pot and full employment! He did deliver but where could he find the money? In Christian and Moslim Nations banking is a very smelly profession (the money lenders in the temple)! The Jewish faith doesn't have a problem with charging interest (I know I'm oversimplifying here, but this is getting too long!) In Germany the major banks were run by Jewish citizens, tadaa they used the old tropes that even were used in Shakespeare's times (the pound of flesh!) A principality in Germany in 16 something counted 81 burgers and one jew who was the bean counter who was educated and could run the books! So I better end this here for all it matters…

  15. Nina Jankowicz is a sik person, she must immediately find some good doctor for her brain 🧠 🤣
    I think that Democrats are not lucky for Republicans like they are now. Or in any given time. Democrats and Republicans are two legs and two arms, from the one and the same "body". They are in reality like a two-sided pyramid made up of two cards, and if someone moves one card, either of the two, the other falls on its own. That's the difference between Democrats and Republicans.

  16. I agree with this man from USA, born in Ukraine, in any sense of the words he said.
    Isn't it that Nazism is about white supremacy also????? 🤔

  17. Yes, but Zelenskyy announced that those nazis are good nazis, and they are fighting for the country. If it is the truth? But i know that truth about Ukrainian government give to Poland sits in the Rada, parlament. Poland sends several battalions of the special "police", in Ukraine. It is the answer why was Kadirov saying that things about Poland!!?? Hungry is in the state of primary preparedness because of the war in Ukraine. Ukrain threatens Hungary that they will stop gas from Russia to Hungary. Turkey wants to attack Syria. USA and China, Iraq etc. I don't know what's really going on here, but we are in the most dangerous times in the life's of all people dead or living.

  18. On Maidan 2014, they are wasn't street "muscles". They are the who have everything to do with over 100 people killed on Maidan. Ask Zelenskyy, why they were cut all off the trees on the Maidan???? Two people who were payd to assassinate many people from both sides, civilians and police. Leader of the C-14 som kind of nazi youth, said on the meeting and then upload that on internet. He said i quote "if wasn't us small group of Neo-nazis, he said 8-10% of them on Maidan, that the protests will be turned in to aGAY PARDE. So you know who, how and why!!?

  19. No no no no no! Nazis in Ukraine, wasn't made anything, but Igor Ilvor or however, Komolojski, the one of the biggest and richest Ukrainian oligarch funds the AZOV battalion, he was and still buying weapons etc, in the agreement with USA-NATO, silent of course. Biden sent to Ukraine, more money than it is a military budget of Russia. 🤣🤣 They are not normal, people are dying, can they understand that??????? But they don't care about anyone of us, much less about Ukrainians.

  20. They they they burnd dozens of people in the Odessa, that was like from some horror movie which is forbidden to watch. Nobody said us anything about this, even if it was short time after Maidan. And they used, football or soccer, (what an ugly word "soccer" 🤣) matche in the Ukrainian first division league to kill as many people they can find, so many were hurt by their actions. And no one, one soul of the journalism wasn't be able to tell us the truth about everything, no matter on which side. I want the truth. If we really could judge all of those who are really guilty for the wars, now and way back, u will see that little number of those politicians or journalists who works for governments, wouldn't be let go to live normal life like they live until know, but others,THE ROCK, Alcatraz will be open ones again, only for them, with all luxury they want. To make from of the bars 🤣🤣😢

  21. Can you please tell us, why white people "truly" believe that the white race is in danger? But i can tell you that i have certain facts about what is it really going on with the planning about destruction not only the white race but also The Christianity. Some people say it to us in our faces. Like Barbara Lerner Spector, you can see or hear on the YouTube video about 2-3 minutes, she is in light blue shirt or dress. Listen what she says, and then ask why people believe that is the white race in danger!!!??? 🤔 🤔 😢 😢 And sadly this is our reality today. All what we have go through in recent let's say from 2007 onward (even before but it does not matter), was and it is, a very good remote control of the people. The main thing which they use, are the mainstream media, but also they use at least 50% of "private" media to make people uninterested for anything bad happening around us. Media has been the biggest part in all biggest criminals in history in the political world. For example Hitler, he was the first man making rallies in the several cities in one day, media was filming every single thing. And then they cut the videos on the way to be good looking for them, and in the same time, for the bad against others. Propaganda machinery is so powerful that it isn't imaginable!?

  22. How he said, they are not Russian Chechens are just thankful to Russia for liberating Chechnya from the terrorists, who are sent by Alqaida payd by the US.

  23. Nobody said that Ukrain is an anti Semitic country. You misleading people mister. We all have good documented facts about nazism in Ukraine. They were not only against Russia, but from 2014 until today, they killed Gypsies, Bulgarians, Greeks. Pogrom on Gypsies. No they are not nazi. I know that he stands for American side of view, which is mostly false. Especially on the mainstream media.

  24. One more thing. Nobody voted for Zelenskyy. Like it was not the fact in the recent 20 years. Especially from the time when Victoria Nuland take the charge for Ukraine to elect single handedly first Arseni Jaceniuk,before that was Russia favor president, also didn't elected. It means that no one Prime Minister or President of the Ukraine isn't elected by the people. We know now glorious words from Victoria Nuland when she said to USA ambasador in Ukraine, F. The EU 🇪🇺.

  25. They also have Jewish founder and financier of AZOV "battalion". Ilhor/Igor Komolojski. So don't tell me about those people nothing, because they are not, not even close to the real Jewish people. We all know who they are. Fals so called "lost 13th tribe" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. They have no nazi past, except Stepan Bandera which monuments are throughout Ukraine. But no one said that he killed the Yews in the western Ukraine even before nazi trains came in Ukraine. He killed i think 40 000 if not more just Yews, we don't have to count others.

  27. Zelenskyy pray to them that they don't do what they do. But they say, whatever we say it must be done. They threatened him with the gun also. They embarrassed him in front of many soldiers. They sent him away. They are the threat to the world. The real threat, if they do not contain them, they will disperse after losing the fight against separatists, they will be in the run, and do damage on the other different parts of the world. Especially western world.

  28. The problem with the Azov Battalion is that it's not a battalion. It's huge and consists of several dozen thousand people. Moreover, there are 20 other fascist organizations in the army, like the large Aidar battalion, Donbass Battalion etc.
    I feel that Lev is trying to admit that Azovs are nazis and use that to whitewash Ukraine.
    I am sure, many people, especially older ones are not Nazis. But Ukraine is a Nazi state, because the power is completely fascist. And there are many younger people (especially young men) who are pro-fascist.

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