Ukrainian President Bans 11 Opposition Parties!

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is widely depicted in the west as a brave, freedom-loving leader, notably contrasted with the authoritarian, propaganda-spewing lunatic Vladimir Putin. But Zelensky’s democratic bona fides took a hit over the weekend when he announced the banning – temporarily, at least – of 11 rival political parties deemed too closely aligned with Russia. Oh, and he also consolidated all public television networks into one in order to make sure the Ukrainian people are receiving a unified message about the ongoing war.

Jimmy uncovers the ongoing fact vs fiction revelations about the Ukrainian leader.

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  1. all you anti-putin/pro-Zelenskyy americans= just imagine what horror FDR would have heaped on you if you'd have sent million$$ in charity to fund all the NAZI vichy frenchman to better aid them in their mission to SLAUGHTER EVERY LIBERATING AMERICAN SOLDIER ON D-DAY/@ Normandy!! by aiding Zelenskyy that's exactly what you're doing!!

  2. These issues between the 2 countries are complex and entangled…and no one has been a saint. Instead of having a mature adult conversation about this tricky topic, we are met with a hysterical one dimensional morality tale continually shoved down our throat. It is just the same Covid hysteria…but now transferred to Ukraine.

  3. Pre-Nazi Germany. Sounds like the Neo-Nazi's in Ukraine are playing Hitlers playbook. And remember, their President was a comedian! Hitler was just an artist. Reagan was a wannabe cowboy actor. The people backing/propping up these "faces" are some true monsters.

  4. There are videos of people speaking out that the Russian army freed them as they were being held captive by the Ukraine army and used as human shields, the Ukraine army has also blocked humanitarian corridors. They want the Russians to kill civilians and bomb buildings to show the world and get money and weapons, they call Russians cockroaches and have been castrating captured soldiers.

  5. Finance coup d'etat ,Support Neo-Nazi groups , perform ethnic cleansing, shelling of Donetsk and Lugansk, ban opposition parties….
    yup, cause we're defending democracy and freedom

  6. Since there are lots of lunatics watching Jimmy, here's a good analogy: Japan just Pearl Harbored Hawaii and the war begins. At the same time, the US government deems it is sensible to allow pro Japanese parties/organizations to be running around in the US while the country itself is in the middle of an existential war.

  7. Zelensky is doing what every vibrant democracy has been doing for many decades. It's how democracy works and hopefully one day this style of "vibrant democracy" will be spread all over the world. Just as soon as every "tyrannical regime" are wiped out. Democracy democracy democracy. Liberty and freedom for the extremely rich and extremists. And the rest of use can have democracy at the end of a gun by force till we choke on it.

  8. Can you imagine the uproar from the corrupt, corporate neo liberal media, and the demorats, if Trump had done half of what Zelensky has done!? Scratch a neo liberal, find a fascist!

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