Ukrainian Soldier Responds After Being Caught Wearing A Rather Interesting Patch On His Arm

Ukrainian soldier is seen wearing a really sus patch during an ASSOCIATED PRESS video covering the conflict.


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  1. I love the comments calling me "pro-Russia". Yeah, bro, I am sure siding with Putin benefits my country of Honduras…somehow.
    Maybe, just maybe some of us think this war is costing everyone a lot and simply want it to end?

  2. If those two didn't look like prime candidates for being in a spot pouring gasoline on someone while there's a manik'zlamik soundtrack playing in the back, i must be in the wrong timeline.

  3. I year on I'm sure the war is being going on for years Putin told nato and Ukraine to stop pushing forward in the Donbas region or else putin had every right to protect his land Ukraine is a racist country the media was reporting before the war and don't you think peace talks need start instead reporters of getting clicks and Smolensky giving us orders to send more weapons rishi gonna send fighter jets there will come a time when ww3 is imminent

  4. Corrupt AF! … Damn the ILLEGIT J-0bama admin! … Gee – s'pose it makes a bit more sense why J-0bama has been constantly throwing money & weapons that way!

    Good catch! … Thank you!

  5. For me this just shows how this war is grinding up uneducated people who just want to be left alone. I believe he picked it off an enemy and didnt know what it meant. Im also inclined to believe the soldier he picked it off stole it from an ISIS fighter… i doubt that this one idiot knew what he was doing, i just hope he will be properly reprimanded because its a warcrime to wear hostile uniform or insignia.

  6. We are not being told the truth about Ukraine and Russia. All we are being told is Russia is the bad guy. We know absolutely zero about what's really happening, what it's really about or who is actually fighting and what their gain is. We see, hear and think only what they, "the purveyors of the news" want us to. After all, the farmers don't consult the cattle before doing what they will.

  7. Well people did say isis was made by USA and Israeli and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi used to be a mossad agent !
    apparently this is way isis never attack Israeli (without the lone wolf's) when it's like a "life goal" for jihad types to kill Jewish people or destroy Israeli BUT Nope isis went to fight people and countries that US and Israeli do not like !

  8. Jeez you lot are thick. Key board warriors… If it's known the enemy were this patch and it makes that same enemy hesitate to fire when he sees it then it's better than camouflage. Given both countries have very similar patterns not to mention equipment. Milliseconds matter… But the obvious is clearly missed by most. And miss me with the international law shit. If you haven't heard the Russians don't give a fck about nuclear treaties, you think this matters. Lmfao

  9. Would be a bit more beleiveable if
    A. Russia AND Wagner were fighting against Isis in Syria so doubt they are some how allies now! And B. Isis wasn't in Ukraine fighting on the side of Ukraine. Haha …just stupid!

  10. So the US left a boat load of weapons and gear in Afghanistan and also are giving a boat load of money and equipment to Ukraine not ISIS right…

  11. I'm sorry but if he was a Christian ✝️, you wouldn't wear an Isla-mic ISIS patch on your arm. An American Military soldier WEARS AN AMERICAN FLAG showing it appropriately displayed .. running towards not away. Tney would not be wearing an isis patch . They may collect them to show who they captured etc but DISPLAYING IT IN YOUR ARM IS A BADGE OF WHOM YOU REALLY REPRESENT 🤔.

  12. Tbf, if you’re in a battlefield and you frag some enemy, you’re going to want to take souvenirs. Like ww2 bods taking authentic nazi flags and deathsheads etc

    It’s not legal, but when has there ever been a legal war

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