Ukrainian Troops In ‘Hot War’ In Region Near Border With Russia, Pentagon Spokesperson Says

Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby responded Monday to a question on a rising number of incidents between Ukraine troops and Russia-backed separatist groups in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine.

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  1. These are not negotiations. Russians already dictated the terms of the treaty. Knowing full well that any treaty with the US is worthless, Russians are just giving US an opportunity to try to convince them with its actions that this time US will stick to the treaty. Russia's GDP(PPP) is the 6th largest in the world, not far behind that of Germany. Any meaningful sanctions would mean certain death of EU economy, so it simply won’t happen. China and Russia are far more important for EU economy than US. Unilateral US sanctions will be completely ineffective. There are no trade relations to speak of between US and Russia. Russia is the only country in the world that can obliterate the US. NATO military infrastructure near its borders is as acceptable to Russia as Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba to the US. It's not about Ukraine at all (with its ruined economy it's not an asset, but a liability). Russians aren't going to trifle with their national security. The time when they tried to reason with the US is over. These are basic facts. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

  2. Putin knows Trump Won! Blackmail on all the Bidens! Elite are in on the steel of Election with CCP and the release of coronavirus! Was planned to get the best President usa ever had! President Trump!! Trump won!!😡🙏💚

  3. The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan took place in the context of the Doha Agreement signed on February 29th 2020 by the Trump administration and the Taliban. The agreement made by the Trump administration and the Taliban also called for the release of 5,000 Taliban members who were in Afghan prisons. The Taliban prisoners were released in September 2020.

  4. Color revolutions don't work over time. Ukraine is still dealing with their half baked neoliberal agenda. The Ukraine color revolution got put in the oven back in 2014 but it never got fully baked. So NATO just has a gooey mess now. A stale neoliberal gooey mess.

  5. I wonder how much of these issues with Ukraine that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden are responsible for considering their Ukraine dealings money laundering etc etc think about it people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Simply incredible, the US entered the First World War taking as an excuse the famous telegram that Germany sent to the Mexican government recommending that they take advantage of the state of war and "regain" their lost territories at the hands of the US, almost half the size of the country by the way, but the risk of a nuclear war is valid to do something much worse than what the Germans did in 1917, simply an incredible irony.

  7. Not sure which is more incompetent dumb dumb speaking or this Government running the US… For those who keep following the BS media narrative that the US is seen as weak. STOP STOP STOP already your beginning to sound like our President & his Regime. That is NOT, I repeat. That is not what is going on especially in Ukraine, and if anyone would’ve VENTURED past Fake Media you’d know these things.

    It’s true Russia’s President Putin wrote an essay years ago how Ukraine was a heritage of Russians. But this is not what’s transpired here. Americans are learning even though they are VERY PROUD to be a American this country hasn’t been the country we thought it was. SHADY GREEDY LEADERS IN CHARGE. Now you can continue to believe this government that’s lying to all of us. Or you can get off your aztac and research, for yourself, or continue to be the sheep falling off the cliff.
    I’ve personally followed and supported this Democratic Party over 55+. Two years back learning pretty much everything we’ve believed about our country is all lies.

    It’s extremely hard to deny anything when you’ve seen certain things with your own eyes. Paid corrupt media and by the way, everyone of these reporters questions are scanned. They don’t like them it’s NOPE…
    Who remembers when President Alexander of Belarus said an assassination attempt was brought against him. How many know it was the US!
    Like Father like Son. Russia already had to small pipelines connected to Europe.
    The major one Russia was working on Nordstream2 just happens to run right on the edge of Ukraine and Russias provenance… those corrupt leaders in Ukraine that Hunter Biden worked with all seen this opportunity to make claims for themselves. Or so they thought.
    Over 8 months of LIVE FEEDS coming out of that area. A great deal of Americans watched as NATO pushed these Russians off this pipeline. Shorty afterwards Putin brought military in. Something else being watched live as the US media continued to make up BS story’s. Like Russians have invaded Ukraine 🙄🤥

    Putin tells Russians there in Ukraine you need to leave because US military with NATO gathered there on this provenance. He also told Ukrainians unable to leave they should consider downloading Maps of there areas so they knew where basements where located in case shelling began. Ukraine also shut down internet, they couldn’t have anyone sharing this information. But Russia was more then happy to show anyone that the US was lying about the situation there.

    3-4 months of shelling went on then a meeting between Biden Bozo and Putin.
    Biden tells Americans it went well he also lifted several sanctions in good faith to show Russia the US was about peace.
    Doesn’t global warming occur across the entire planet. Hmm I guess only in the US.
    Now with Russia able to move forward with Nordstream2 deal to Europe, or so Putin thought. Just more lies smoke and mirrors on the US and Ukraine part.
    The real and only reasons Biden lifted sanctions. Was in the address Putin made after there meeting. He tells his people about the sanctions. Then said we also spoke negotiations about prisoner releases.

    Those two men arrested there both duel passports connected to the US CIA, DEA
    On video that Russian media released to its people. Laughing plotting the death of President Alexander, for multiple reasons!

    KGB arrested those men then Russia broadcasted it to the world.

    The BOTTOM LINE in all of this is also disclosed by Putin. He said the US has always had a way of invading countries then later claiming the Intel had it wrong.

    After his second meeting with Biden, he told him and you can listen to president Putin say these words. WE DONT WANT TO INVADE UKRAINE.. but we will not allow the US to bring NATO into Ukraine so it can build multiple military sites with missiles pointing at Moscow and Russians. It’s not going to happen. It’s is our RedLine that won’t be crossed.
    He reminded the US of there. We’re was the weapon’s of mass destruction at. There wasn’t any was there and the Middle East and world knows this.
    Oil and leverage.. two reasons here. An assassination for president Alexander so they could plant there puppet president and build military bases along the borders of Belarus is quiet obvious. Putin also showed satellite imagery. Said currently there are 6 areas here with massive US military training Ukrainians this is against our treaty, we see everything.
    I personally don’t care if anyone agrees or disagrees with what I said. I’m not supporting Russia by no means I’m always an American first. But these people running the US are dirty lying traitors. Not only to Americans, but to the world… all these bogus talks this week. There’s only one goal Russia has and won’t agree to anything else. That one stipulation is that Ukraine will not join NATO and go against it’s treaty.

    Ronald Reagan shook the hand of Gorbachev. And both said to the world. This was over. Reason gave his word with a hand shake that the US and NATO would never be part of Ukraine. And Putin is going to hold the US to its word.
    Biden sent Missiles to Ukraine yesterday. Supposedly the ones used to take down Osama, this JOKER speaking in the video. Tells reporters that these meetings are basically pointless and not to expect any agreements. Well no there’s not going to be unless the US and NATO stay out of Ukraine as the treaty says.
    But this joker made comments of the US having this new hypersonic nuclear missile and won’t rule out using them if engaged with Russia, this disturbed European leaders telling the US watch out the United Nations had promised the people in the world nuclear is not an option here and we’d hate to have to step back from one of our greatest allies..
    So buckle up, the US is already currently there building these missile launchers on the boarders of Ukraine, no doubt the US helped with the disturbance in Kazakhstan so Russias military and there promise to assist would tie them up a bit.
    Peaceful protest had been going for several months due to lockdowns and mandatory vacs. All of a sudden these lovely men in black dressed an awful lot like Antifa, started attacking officers, burning as many buildings as they could. Even attacking civilian protesters against them destroying there city…
    Just think all these things can been seen in telegram groups. No lies by media, you can view with your own eyes..
    Articles videos LIVE.. can’t dispute any of them!
    I really hope soon we get a President back that cares about the US and other countries keeping peace.
    Nobody can blame Russia for not wanting the US to break its verbal treaty. Even if it was never wrote on paper. Russia still had the word and handshake of a US President..
    we have had honest Presidents before.

    This one here is going to cause a massive war. This isn’t some little group of Muslims with shoulder missile launchers. We are talking about a country like the US here.
    If we can strike Russia with missiles, they sure can strike the United States.
    Where you think Bozo Joe and Nancy will be.
    Tucked safely underneath the ground while the civilians in the world deal with Bidens Greed. We President Trump more now then ever. Guarantee we wouldn’t be in this mess today……. Get these people out of the government. They definitely aren’t for the people..

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