Ukrainians Selling Weapons Supplied by the US & NATO on Darknet

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About Richard Medhurst: #RichardMedhurst is an independent journalist and commentator. Regular live streams and interviews with popular guests from the Left such as Glenn Greenwald, Mike Figueredo (Humanist Report) and Max Blumenthal (Grayzone). Fluent in English, Arabic, French, German, and having grown up across several continents, Medhurst’s show aims to provide a critical analysis of electoral politics and international affairs from an anti-imperialist viewpoint.

Written by Richard Medhurst


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  1. The same government who is so "concerned" about average Joe American owning a rifle, has no trouble at all sending thousands of heavy weaponry to @zov N@zis in Eastern Europe.
    And all the "progressives" I know just look at me and say "Yeah, so what?"

  2. As an American, my tax dollars go towards making the world terrible. There are very few things I get as an American tax payer that I would consider righteous.

  3. The US should be held liable for damages if one of these Javelins is used to take down a passenger airplane or other civilian targets.

    In the name of the holy and indivisible Trinity, We, Richard, Emperor and Autocrat of all Russians, Etc… to all successors on the throne and in the Government of the US Nation.

  4. I don't wish for this to happen, nor do I know if it will happen or not, but if neo-Nazis in Europe begin to attack using some of these types of weapons (in shaa Allah this DOES NOT happen), it won't really be that big of a surprise. Western media, even years ago, reported that the flow of US and NATO arms and munitions into Ukraine had already led to a huge rise in weapons trafficking in Ukraine, Russia, and elsewhere in Eastern Europe, but to now even suggest such a thing in the West is "beyond the pale"…
    The hubris increases. Thank you for reporting on this, Richard.

  5. I would be shocked but Ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations on earth i wouldn't be surprised if half the weapons getting sent to Ukraine never actually reach the frontline forces 😆

  6. I knew this was happening. Some of these weapons will end up all over the world . As long as the price is right the weapons will be shipped straight to your door or lock up !

  7. War is the best way for politicians to steal tax payer money scumbags!

    Gentlemen. We have all heard of funeral orations + sad affairs, yet they serve some purpose.

  8. Your past reporter had the most detailed report that tracked all the arms and names and pictures that she had to risk her life and jail to report what her government had to release her from jail do to she was doing a public service and reporting crimes . That was a law passed to allow corruption to be exposed. I wish you would have her explain to you the details and share her report of the smoking gun operation. That no one else had the guts to share or report after she risked her life and saw people near her blown up just doing the report to the world on non standard weapons for two sided wars for oil . What a brave reporter and so exact in her Proof and record collection and pictures of so much detail . That it’s pathetic no one has the guts to bring such awareness to events . Do you remember the airline pilots contractors who were taking the government to court for war pay . They were in fact the same pilots using very well known contractor aircrafts paying massive amounts each time they landed in country’s and had passes to carry non standard munitions . That were of look alike munitions to hide the company that she also had documented as well as officers who signed off at pentagon sales . She is simply the very best I have ever seen that is so perfect in her evidence and pictures and documents on the full operation


    6:07 Homey, the American people have nada. we are operating at a deficit while these assholes are on a race to become the first murderous trillionaire. Most of us have shiat to our names; and wouldn't last a month on our savings alone. They want to paint the 'inner city" as poor… because it's necessary to uphold the narrative of black laziness & the pulling yourself up from your boot BS. In actuality, the rural areas are poorer. The so-called middle class is poor with decent credit (which is useless in an emergency). Let me take that back, they have GUNS, LOTS AND LOTS OF GUNS because of the infallible 2nd amendment.


  10. Странно, что это всплыло только сейчас. Уже где-то месяц назад, была новость в российских телеграмм-каналах, что в Москве была найден в продаже шведский гранатомёт, который должен был быть отправлен украинской армии.

  11. Those Germans everyone likes to blame for everything have nothing to do with the NEO version invented by Hollywood. Just the simple fact they are known as far right should be enough to realise they are not National Socialists as they were Socialists… America likes to build up an enemy to smash down later. They are just upset that Russia beat them to it this time. America was the one behind building up these lunatics just as it was behind creating a superpower in under 20 years last time. Using insane tropes like "Western Hemisphere" and "The West" as rallying points to attack the target they set up. The real crime of Germany last century was having a currency to rival the $, all the camps and gas is war propaganda that has not ended yet because the wars have been kept going ever since… America is scared of peace. Peace = talking and the USA cannot afford to have others find out what it has been doing ever since it found the winning formula of creating its own enemies.

  12. Zelenskiy has became the biggest weapon reseller in the world, a billionaire. That's why he is non stop begging for weapons and money. Every day brings him $$$$$.

  13. Access to these weapons might be why there were many Muslim fighters going to Ukraine from Syria and other Middle East regions as volunteer fighters

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