ULTRA MAGA Trump IS BACK ON TWITTER! Account Will Be Reinstated DAY ONE Of Elon Take-Over!!


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  1. Revealed today : Google sends over 95% of Conservative fund raiser emails to Spam.

    Sends less than 1% of liberal fundraising email to Spam.

  2. If my intelligence is correct and I have connected the dots correctly, then the FBI is investigating CNN right now for election crimes, Freedom Act crimes, and chances are they will get charged with treason. Documents were just leaked by a FBI whistleblower and in the document it looks as if the proverbial "IT" is going to hit the fan very soon if my assessments are correct in reading the documents myself. That's just one investigation. I will dig deeper and find out if there are anymore news outlets named in documents. If so, then my theories are confirmed and you should get some bugout bags ready in case we need to hunker down for a period of time. #EBS #DeepStateToGitmoSoon #BioLabsDestroyed #DUMBsDestroyed #Trump2022

  3. If Dorsey realized that he had become a Dr Frankenstein in regards to Twitter, then I wouldn't be surprised if he had approached Mr Musk to take over twitter

  4. Government can NOT force Musk to allow other people to add context to someone elses post. That is what comments are for. So this person is not a viable person to stop the spread of disinformation. She actually should be labeled as disinformation spreading queen!

  5. It's amazing, she said lawsuits over the election that went through the courts. Well they didn't go through the courts, because the judge refused to hear them. This woman will be in charge of just disformation governance board, lol…

  6. My, Nina Scary Poppins Jenkins definitely thinks she got some brass ones, maybe she needs to read this little thing call the bill of rights starting with the first amendment, what a crazy dingbat.

  7. I made a comment a while back that certain things Dorsey said when he stepped down as CEO implied that he had lost total control to Twitter's board of directors; that it's extreme liberal atmosphere was never what he had intended for the platform. Dorsey's real mistake was to sell off so much of his company that he lost control of it. Greed has it's price. In this case he is left with a completely ruined reputation that no one on either side of the fence will ever believe anything he has to say.

  8. Can we really put a guy who owns corporation all over the globe in charge of government and still complain about the marriage between corporate globalists and government???


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