Ultra Woke Film “Cuck” BOMBS With ZERO DOLLARS At Box Office??! Get Woke Go Broke On Steroids

Introducing a movie that no one has ever seen, and why we’re discussing it here: ‘Cuck’ was about the online radicalization of a resentful white man, and the YouTube rabbit hole that ruined his life, and the lives of everyone around him. (The word ‘was’ is used because the movie is figuratively DOA.)

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Okay so I had to pull the trailer up when you brought this f**** movie Up it's just a plane on rip off of the Michael Douglas movie where he flips s*** cuz of losing his job and gozen stairs f**** shooting everybody I can't even remember the name of that f**** movie was so long ago but it's just a straight-up rip off of that using today s*** as its storyline.

  2. Back in the '60's, when I was in high school, the college guys were talking a about this book they were all reading called "Lord of the…" something or other. So, I went down to the book store and found a book called "Lord of the Flies". It was pretty good, but it wasn't all that. Not a single elf.

  3. This means that no one related to anyone making the movie saw it. Also, it must've had absolutely no marketing, cause no one has ever heard of it until this.

  4. Tim those movies are because the screen actors guild members pay dues and are guaranteed some work per year. It might be a garbage film but they get paid, get credit/experience, and if they reject the offer the guild is not liable for you not working.