UN Chief Warns ‘Nuclear Annihilation’ A Miscalculation Away |Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar give the updates on the Ukraine grain exports happening and the warnings about nuclear weapons from the UN

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  1. How is that going to work ? Lets say the west decides to back down on helping Ukraine, how is this going to stop Russia from going even further. Why should they end their conquering fear of their neighbours when unopposed by their threats ? They won't listen to talks, the west must show action of severe consequences for Russia and they will not succeed in their quest unopposed. Got to act now before they gain momentum in their confidence and it becomes too late to act upon

  2. you had 2 idiots on your show saying pelosi should have thebopportunity to go-to tawaiin and now you say it's a stupid trip… as well as having support for Ukraine in the beginning to only realize this was a proxy war from the beginning. you guys are always months behind on what your followers already know and it's a shame you don't take the risks you should as journalists.

  3. Maybe the real problem is modern day, American, anti-intellectual cynicism from the political left to the right. Right now the “progressives” have become Cold War, anti intellectuals. I’m old enough to remember a successful anti nuclear movement that forced the military industrial complex to negotiate arms control. The big question for “progressives” is do we p,at a role and organize or just adopt the nihilism of dead end politics. Oppose imperialist war, geniuses. Push your corrupt leadership to accept and work toward a multi polar world.

  4. Leading to "global famine" are you serious ? Like I'm gonna believe such a small country like Ukraine is feeding the entire world, please stop, seek help.

  5. I'm sure there is corruption in Ukraine. What would you expect otherwise? Why would you expect there wouldn't be? If you don't support their government now, do you think the next one would be less corrupt?

  6. So we just let China tell us what we can and cannot do??? The West not standing up to China's threats is a slippery slide into CCP power. Its time to rein in China and have them behave as a responsible world leader.

  7. Please, PLEASE! Do a segment on how companies like mine, SpotOn, have now eliminated EVERYONE'S base pay, nationwide. In a recession. Our entire workforce is now 100% commission, and I'm getting over 20 calls a day from people bawling and not knowing how they can't support their families. Workers rights issues go beyond union negotiations. PLEASE SPEAK ON THIS ISSUE!

  8. I have removed grain from my diet for two years now and feel great. I understand the meat I eat uses the grain since I am not organic specific but please explain how this is effecting starvation when the fertilizer sanctions are preventing grain output to begin with. Stop supporting war!!!!

  9. A number of factual errors have been made here. Ukraine doesn't have an economy anymore, their economy is in default. Their economic power is derived from the regions Russia now occupy. Also, the Donbass has not been evacuated as you've stated and this war will not continue for years to come. This mythical counter offensive is a fiction and to maintain political 'Will' from the west but will loose that support because of the Taiwan debacle. The Ukraine defensive positions are under enormous stress and the Russians are starting to punch holes in those positions. Whatever side you support, Ukraine will loose and many lives will have been lost, needlessly, because of the hubris of the US/UK and German political class

  10. You all actually don't think that Ukraine would take a chapter out of Afghanistan when Russia invaded? If they believe they are fighting for their survival, they will do what is necessary. Further, please note that you have stated that wheat is a primary export and the world is dependent upon it. Those who can destroy a vital element owns it…..

  11. The late grain shipments to Africa will cause dire panic there and allow the African distributors to exploit the crisis by greedily jacking up all prices just like our own distributors enjoy doing. 🤑 🤣
    PS/Lol) See! there already IS a sortah “global harmoney” existent in the globe’s business community’s! 😏🤕

  12. What does the USA have to do for such "crisis" to exist in the country triggering our Congress to approve billions of spending inside it's own boarders? The government gives millions and billions of dollars to all but, it's own people responsible for that wealth. 🤔

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