UN ‘laughed’ at Donald Trump when he was ‘100 per cent correct’

The United Nations “openly laughed” at former US president Donald Trump for raising doubts about their commitment to Russian energy when he was “100 per cent correct,” says Sky News contributor Megyn Kelly.

“There’s a shot of the German delegation just sitting there mocking him,” she told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“They got such a kick out of what they perceived as his ignorance.”


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  1. Ela é narcisista e estrategista. Poderá estar planejando um divórcio o de o pivô britânico pagará uma pensão altíssima. Por isso penso que deveriam remover o título de príncipe do harry. Cortar os lacinhos com a monarquia. Investiguem sobre Mitomania. Ficarão surpresos. Acredito que ela apresente isso. Mitomania. Dificilmente quem tem procura ajuda psicológica. Tendências a vitimar e se acharem heróis. Mentem compulsivamente é tem ausência de culpa e medo. Se perdem, literalmente, nas próprias mentiras e acabam ficando sem noção do que é real e do que é inventado pela própria cabeça

  2. The thing about Trump is that as the president he was giving information that the rest of us do not have. His personality is "unique" (and he does indulge in social media too much) but he is a business man and sees things from a practical perspective and has a ground up view. Generally speaking, politicians are persons that would do terrible in the real world if they had to work in the private sector.

  3. Hey guess what you guys are missing a huge piece of this puzzle. 90% of Americans don’t want an electric fucking car. And we’re not gonna buy one no matter how much you raise the price of gas. We refuse. Now what are you going to do?

  4. UN are non chosen pencil pushers, no mandate. Who is giving them the authority? Fuck pencil pushers, and your 2030 agenda. Useless people in your own agenda, are you. Can you build houses or do plumming? Everyone who is being payed by government money is a useless eater, swallow that Schwab! of course we need law enforcement, or fire departments. I am happily to pay for these guys. We need them. We don't need pencil pushers that makes new laws, it is time to end you all. Work for your fucking money.

  5. Look at the educated moron @ :32 smirking while shaking his head slightly.

    Danny Devito's character, Louie DePalma on the sitcom "Taxi" said it best… "If they were smarter, only then would they recognize how dumb they are!"

  6. We had the chance for North American energy Independence with Keystone XL pipeline, to bad it was Biden's first move an executive order to cancel the pipeline just 38 miles from the boarder. In contrast it was Trumps first executive order to open the Keystone pipeline, so he was also proven correct about North American energy independence.

  7. There's this bizarre impression from the promotors of EVs (and presumably those who've bought them too) that they're somehow a new revolutionary form of powered vehicle. Electricity isn't a power source, it's a form and type of power that comes from — predominantly fossil fuels (as this video points out – any wind & solar contribute to a very small portion of a grid's output and even once scaled up, even if that's possible – I'm not sure there are enough rare earth minerals in existence to meet our needs, they simply aren't sufficient to completely substitute a nation's power grid).

    Then there's the environmental and ethical considerations of how and where these solar panels and batteries are being made, raping our planets resources (with slave labour in atrocious conditions I might add) all to give the impression they're environmentally "clean". We know they are nothing of the sort, granted we might have cleaner cities in the very locations they're being used but all we seem to be doing is off-setting this carbon footprint to the places we're raping and producing these renewable products (i.e: mainly Africa & China). How well is China doing in their net zero agenda? If it weren't for the industrial factory that IS.. China and the grift of providing us with what we need to perpetrate this fraud we wouldn't be able to achieve any of this subterfuge.

  8. Megan Kelly needs to sit down and STFU, she has been part of the problem all along. Sorry Megs, we all know who and what you are and the beautiful part is Trump exposed you.

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