UN representative gloats “we own the science” on climate change during World Economic Forum panel

UN Under Secretary General for Global Communications Melissa Fleming proudly gloats, “we own the science” on climate change during a World Economic Forum panel on “Tackling Disinformation”. Fleming singles out as an example the relationship between Google & the UN that helps ensure resources favourable to the UN are shown at the top of search results for climate change instead of results the UN views as “distorted”.

Although partnerships between Governments, NGOs and tech platforms have become commonplace over the last decade, the accelerated response to control scientific debate around COVID-19 ramped up the normalisation of the dissemination of online discourse being controlled by the aforementioned entities. In this context, it’s not surprising that the UN is now openly being proactive about owning the science in a manner “the world should know”, especially as censorship of debate around COVID-19 had little to no mainstream resistance.

Why work within the murky backwaters of covert online censorship and suppression when you can do it in plain sight and brag about it on stage at the World Economic Forum?


Written by Real Rukshan


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  1. More corruption, even Google showing there corruption. Don't trust any organisation. Especially ones that have the backing of governments, cause 9 out of 10 we are getting drip fed info. Don't believe any if it.

  2. A couple of weeks ago 1200 scientists from around the world signed the Declaration on World Climate, stating there is NO CLIMATE CRISIS, also the founder of Greenpeace has written a book about the Climate hoax and none of this has been reported on MSM. Any scientists who produce opposing statistics to climate change are not funded in the Climate Change research program.

  3. so they don t let Google search showing relevant info. they made it so Google shows only their Propaganda messages. they own IT , so that means NO one gets to question it. no one gets to debate IT.
    As long as they control the info that we get on GGl the tv stations, and on the radio, that's when they can easily distort the reality.

  4. Rumble, Truth, Gettr, Alternative Search Engines, Decentralized Web 3.0 like Flux, Mastodon, Use Parallel Payment instead of Paypal, and the like….. these are a few of my favorite things. Don't use their systems. I have been building foot prints on other platforms. I only come over here like Morpheus going into the Matrix to pull other out. You don't have to use facebook, twitter, ect. Unplug it, delete it, migrate to new platforms of Freedom.

    Nobody owns science.

  5. So, you can buy "the science". When did it go up for sale. Does it take up a lot of space? If I were going to buy some of this "the science" would I need to bring a pickup truck? Or will it fit into the backseat of my car?

  6. Scientific knowledge is purely objective, and it is an objective description of the real structure of the world. Which is the antithesis of the progressive thinking of the WEF, UN, United Nations and NWO. The word objective truth is beyond their acceptance. Therefore we wake up in a world of turmoil.

  7. This is why the bully smiles when he is forcing his victims into pain. It is the PLEASURE of lower. This is the UN smiling at the pleasure of power: we lie to you, you know we lie to you, but you can’t do anything about it. The UN is cuckolding the remaining sovereignty of nations.

  8. Climate change is suggestive language, and unspecific. Environmental impact best describes the whole situation. A good example are the hulks of freighters and war ships sunken in the coral sea and that their fuel cells being millions of tonnes of poisonous toxic bio fuel that powered these war machines are rupturing already impacting on the ecosystem and precious sea life will see major impact that would affect the barrier reef itself with the help of water currents, costing into the hundreds of billions to clean up the leftovers of old mens wars. Bio fuel enriched with nano in aircraft spraying the atmosphere poisoning the air, sianide pools gather in used mines poisoning the Earth , gas fracking poisoning the Earth and wayerways and aquifers. When these PERSONS and CORPORATIONS are done they dont clean up the mess, the threat of the Nord gasline being compromised spewing gas into the atmosphere. And we get a preaching on soft unspecific connotations of climate change , the same climate change i would feel if i lost my job the climate would certainly change. They will use Sunday as the clumate change day and only public transport can be used, wait and see its a comming and its not prophecy its just history repeating to usurp control, now that is a climate we can change if we IDENTIFY that POLITICAL, RELIGIOUS ( not including faith) and ECONOMIC DOGMAS are the control mechanisms that by assuption and presumptions make them rulers in their own right, but under the Creator we are precious people with each a crown of domininion. If the current systems of DOGMA and law continue aided and abetted by CORPORATIONS the Creators Earth and mans tenure will cease, so what of our generations into the future of mankind our prodigy, what about them?. This LAW thing is dominion LAND AIR and WATER and they millitarize each. LAND AIR and WATER dominion to poison and the CORPORATE operations causing a lot of damage. This is all hearsay an opinion until you research to see an make an informed opinion by yourself. We are past the point of no return our future and existence depends on the self responsibilities of every man and woman for our future and the generations that would follow.

  9. The abysmal ignorance of science that can make someone say "We own the science"… This is what we have come to: science insulted by UN bureaucrats to further their political agenda!!!

  10. What else you own beside the science? Freedom of speech and information? Do you own the truth as well? … she's chuckling same way as our vice–president when she now she is talking BS.

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