UN Terrifying Warning: Global Great Depression Imminent

UN Warning Global Great Depression imminent.

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Written by Michael Cowan


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  1. Global Depression would be GREAT. Should have happened in 2009. Gave the RICH and AWARE time to Plot and Plan. Now it will happen. IT's About time. Can't wait for the fun and panic among the well deserving fools. IT IS SHOW TIME. Get enough Popcorn to last 5 YEARS!!! lol

  2. I'm just waiting for the Biden Administration to start pressuring FED Chairman Jerome Powell to start QE ASAP. The Administration is slow on the uptake though and by the time they do turn the heat on Powell, well as usual they have no plan and will be to late besides. The damage will already be done.

  3. G'day guys, the U.N are nothing more than a unelected bunch of criminals that are only conditioning the people to thinking the U.N is an alternative Global Givernment in waiting, the criminal U.N are in board with the W.E.F, they will make it look like they are telling the private central banks they don't agree, while in the back-ground funding the W.E.F and all the programs to enslave humanity.

  4. This is a wake up call for a BRETON WOOD 3 where the USD should not be the ONLY Currency for Trade & Commerce and control of QE without any resources backing like Gold & Silver or other Basket of Tradable Non Perishable Commodity.

  5. G'day guys, Australia just got the 25 cent rise in petrol/deisel and 20% rise in electricity prices not to mention food, so when these rises filter into our economy, hence as I said a few months ago, softer 8nflation then up again, I would think, a couple of months of ,25, the early next year back to higher rises again and as you said Mick, much higher inflation, stick-up folks!!

  6. Michael, I expected the RBA to take caution on NBA Boss views that the rate rises have to be less aggressive and in small percentage and hold on for a short while to let the flow in effects take its course and only then adjust accordingly.

    If more than 1 million home loans were to default in their repayment, not only these homeowners lose out, these banks, other businesses and Australia will lose out too.

    It is easy to to push an ongoing locomotive faster with each incremental increase in fuel load but not easy to to slow down and stop instantly.

    The financial & economy system of a country is the same.

    I predict that Nov. 22 rate rise will be at most 0.25% and no further increase in Dec. ' 22.

  7. maybe they should work on fixing supply chain issues, figuring out ways to end the war, getting more oil produced by OPEC, domestic oil/gas production back in full swing as that would also bring down inflation by a large margin. FED going to 5% we'd definitely see a sovereign debt crisis on our hands if we don't already find ourselves in one before they can even get to such a rate. How about we don't blow up the global economy with aggressive rate hikes and instead work on geopolitics and policy. QE doesn't necessarily even cause inflation as most of that is housed in non moving long term government bonds, so a case could be made that all of this is purposefully being done but everyone is too gullible to belive that this isn't just a coincidence.

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