Unanswered Questions About Epstein and Ghislaine

Taken from JRE #1764 w/Ari Shaffir, Shane Gillis, and Mark Normand:

Written by PowerfulJRE


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  1. Shut it down they’re criticizing Israel, fucking cowards. Does Rogan realize all Jews are automatically citizens of Israel and will always put Israel ahead of America. The only dual citizens allowed to run our government

  2. They did Gates a favor & let him take another shot at the question about what he learned. They felt his original remarks rambled a little & weren't exactly the tone he was hoping to set. Plus, all the references to death for crossing him & other very powerful people around the world. The original answer went:

    "Well, he's dead so, uhhh, anyone who might know where any videos he had of powerful people on his jet, on his island, or at any of his houses might want to think about that…you know the fact he's dead. Just think about how dead he is & whether or not you really know of any videos. Think about how he is stone cold dead & rotting away & ask how much money it would reasonably take to have a person disappear completely from the planet. Does that amount sound like pocket change for someone like me? Just some things to ponder…but remember to really, really take note that he's dead. Dead."

  3. Adrenochrome drinkers….The temple on the island is just that. A temple. What are temples used for? How many children aren’t to that island snd temple and never came back. The owl on the golden dome is the same owl hidden in the dollar bill. The occult symbols on the dollar bill. It goes deeper than blackmail and sex-trafficking. Once you find out who they worship; it will be easy to spot all their friends out as well.

  4. And they were Israel mossad agents that set up a blackmail ring so they could control governments and powerful people.. this was a massive topic and unfortunately one of your guests turned it into an absolute joke. This could have been done so much better

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