Unbelievable! The State & Big Tech Are Using EMERGENCY POWERS For WHAT?!

I spoke with Dr. Luke Kemp on my Under the Skin podcast. Luke is a research associate at the Centre for The Study off Existential Risk at Cambridge University. Luke is an incredible source of information regarding state power, control, what happens governmentally in times of crises and the subsequent impact on us citizens. We speak about the use of Emergency Powers and the abuse of these powers too – how and why they are employed and why they are often never taken away once implemented.

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Written by Russell Brand


  1. Hello Russell David Ike has been warning of exactly what's happening now The New world order make the terrorists create The Fear The Bring in more and more Control of me you everyone on the planet .
    They do all this while doing Evil things behind closed doors Secret places .

  2. I think Dr Kemp makes a salient point in saying that those with economic advantage are able to change the equality that democracy is supposed to create by using that economic advantage to influence the political power.

    In other words, those with money can buy the laws they want to have that provide advantage to themselves. Seems to be the opposite of democracy.

  3. 5:00-ish we have to be careful about how we get to decentralization. If it's imposed on everyone it risks failing for reasons unrelated to the system and its potential.

    Bless your hearts for leaving in that last bit of hilarious awkwardness.

  4. How about talking about Australia for a bit, and how your shorty government is beating citizens in the streets and is making internment caps for those who don’t want the jab. It’s easy to criticize the states, but where’s the criticism of that he Aussie failure of a government?

  5. "For my next trick, I will dismantle global capitalism, while leaving globalism itself and all the bloated institutions of the champagne socialists peddling this ideology completely intact, to rule in enlightened peace and prosperity forevermore!"

  6. I believe the general population are capable and responsible for these kinds of concepts and conversations. We just want to live our lives but the powers that be are using that fact to control and manipulate us as a whole.. you are preaching the only obvious way to overcome this and that is as a collective. We need to come together and acknowledge the problems facing us as people. I've spent most of my life thinking as a singular person and only of that which is in front of me. I believe you Russell are making great strides to awaken our minds and I am truly grateful to know that it's not over and there are people still fighting for true righteousness. Thank you.

  7. Why is the man behind the white mask on your thumbnail blackface or a black man. Are you saying that the enslaved black people are somehow the one doing these bad things.
    Typical to paint everything on the oppressed.
    Not a hater, just a black man, who thought you were different.

  8. Mass surveillance programs are quite good if you like to analyze data. There is a lack of understanding in regards to how data can be used. It's only when you can see how it's used you can see the benefits of its use. Data can be used to control people without them being aware they are being controlled, from advertising and targeting people directly, to listening to devices of individuals and having the power to plant data and source data at will. From any source.

  9. Stop conflating human corruption with capitalism, it exists regardless. Humans however, do need a fair system of exchange and incentive(capitalism) without the corruption and influence of old/new world powers.

  10. As you are no doubt aware, Facebook is looking to rebrand itself, to reflect its focus on building the metaverse, whatever that is? This might come in handy when trying to move on from what is going on at the moment in the press reporting on whistleblower Frances Haugen, the former Facebook employee who released tens of thousands of damaging documents about its inner workings (of Facebook) has painted a less than positive picture of the organization, which is out to wreck havoc on the world and mess with the minds of many. A sick sick company with one thing on its mind, profit, and lots of!

  11. One key thing your guest might consider on this topic also is the concept of self relevance. Organizations that have massive budgets are congruently (agree with shows principles points +) always trying to show they are needed/ relevant. That can be concerning to say the least when you every year sed organization needs to conjure up a reason for an increased budget.

  12. My experience , at least here in the U.S. , is that this modern intrusion by Government began with 9/11.
    Actually , I draw a clear line from where we find our selves now to that event and how the Bush administration responded to it.
    Their lies and manipulations did far more than get us into a pointless war , they undermined the trust and confidence of the People in fundamental ways.
    At the same time , all those fabricated threats and warnings had us stand by and watch as they intruded on our lives we wouldn’t have stood for otherwise.
    We let this go too far already. At this point , it feels like that if we truly cleaned house that there would be nothing left to hold the roof up.

  13. have a look at the Swiss system perhaps Russell. Not sure how much they vote on but if they were to vote on everything (I know they don't) it would be a great way of decentralising political power and holding other global powers to account.

  14. I think its time to stop using words like unbelievable, unexpected and surprised. If your any of those things your mind is still closed to the world around you