UNBELIEVABLE! They’re Going To Force It On You?!

UNBELIEVABLE! They’re Going To Force It On You?!

This report explains the suggestion from a federal employee that the procedure should be forced on you.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. Luke, you kinda skewed this one. That footage you showed on BLM happened at Carmelos and you did not show the entire truth. The fight was because of the hostess asking two guys (unvaccinated) to show their papers and their friends were inside already seated.

  2. More of us should be talking about why we keep getting warned of an internet nuke "from the sun" that I've seen like 3 to 5 articles for. Which would be the only way to stop information at this point

  3. foreign corporate employees who have been in the country a few years asking senior citizens who've been paying into the system their whole life for papers. whiles millions of more foreigners pour through the border with out anyone asking them for their papers. this country is being subverted by its enemies in the government

  4. How dare the gov force us useless eaters to take the death jab when they aren't . This proves they lied and did not really take it. Us awake knew they didn't. There is going to be crap to pay soon i am sure. How dare the evil ones try and force us to take something we know will eventually kill us. They are forcing people basically into committing suicide.
    Only good things in the end is they will ALL be thrown into the LAKE of FIRE. They can live ETERNITY with satan who actually HATES them. when he is through with the evil ones he is going to kill them. They eill become the useless eaters. What goes around comes around.

  5. Luke, you're obv. dangerous to them; your videos have clearly been targeted for uber-shadooowbaaaning:

    691 Comments Total, Current Comments: 411

    AKA 180 people (so far) submitted a comment, but didn't realize it got silently nuked.

  6. Once they get the graphene oxide into you, They gotcha—especially when 5G is implemented everywhere. Maybe from the DNA database they are creating, they can tell which citizens are in their bloodline and give them the placebo. I wonder.