Unbelievable! They’re Trying To Stop Trump From Sending The Troops Home!

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Unbelievable! They’re Trying To Stop Trump From Sending The Troops Home!

In this video, we do a deep dive on the NDAA and how it stops the United States president from ending a conflict, as well as what Senator Rand Paul is doing about this.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. Biden for prison and we know it and that's where the judges need to set them no matter how much money he pays out. This is wrong America period trumps are president and we know it!

  2. you know what life matters the most the one who never got a chance to take a breath the one who never got born and what are they doing with their body parts it's horrifying that's the life that matters The unborn the one they murdered and aborted that life matters! The most to me audio hipster approved thank you have a good day!

  3. @wearechange I’m getting sick of watching videos that show the corruption and insanity unfolding. We need solutions. Simple plans to follow. Addresses of military contractors, treasonous politicians, disingenuous media outlets, evil food and pharma CEOs. The mother fuckers selling out our future. We need faces and names. They need to be broken up ASAP.

  4. Lads you've got to realise trump is part of it he's just playin his role to pit republicans against democrats and cause a civil war they want chaos when are people going to stop falling for it

  5. The neocons, rinos, and feckless Republicans seem perfectly fine welcoming Sleepy Joe and his establishment politics back with open arms. We must continue the fight that President Trump brought to these p.a.b.

  6. Please Luke. It's all a damn game but you keep portraying as though both sides are at each other. If trump really wanted troops home he would have brought them home much sooner instead of waiting until he leaving and trying to screw shit up because he's throwing a baby fit. Several times he said he was bringing the troops home and didn't. The military industrial complex won't allow it but here you are playing their game. I wouldn't take what you say as fact because I don't believe you are truly independent.

  7. Very simple so even you can understand this Luke. If they are moving to block the president from ending wars and as you have been claiming trump wants to keep his campaign promise( which he's kept none) all he has to do is order them home now. Simple. But he won't. Both sides play us yet you keep wanting to give certain people credit. It's all a show. These wars will only end when our filthy government and Israel decide we should attack a bigger country and slaughter our boys and girls for the zionist agenda.

  8. selling stuff that people don't need makes the biggest profits the C is nothing than a pretext to robbe the working and middle class and distract

  9. Gun ownership is not a right, it's a privilege, otherwise, why would we beg permission to buy a gun, pass a background check. The gun seller is more than capable of saying no to a buyer he doesn't feel good about, a gut feeling in most cases. So most , if not 95% of gun owners will turn over their guns for safety. The remaining 5% will get picked off one by one. Only God can protect us.

  10. The reason we are in Afghanistan is to destroy anyone who is protecting archeological sites which in turn see to the destruction of human history.

    Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.
    George Orwell, 1984

  11. There scared of the Army having a Tribunel Court & Exposing voter registration mail Fraud ?, Democrats have sold America to hell? Civil WÀR Coming ? Patriotism time ?? be ready Family Nàtion ???….