Trudeau has zero self-awareness.

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  1. For everyone pointing out how he treated the truckers… he treated everyone else he piggybacked off of the same way. His behavior is not new. If he claimed to care about some group of people in the past, he has contradicted that claim with his actions.

  2. Democracy isn't real and is a political scam If you want to know how you can tell just listen to Justin and everyone else who sh*ts all over the concept while saying it's the most important thing to protect.

  3. He talks so much crap im sure the right mined people of canada see through him but please keep your leftest snowflakes in your country we will be kicking them out of america

  4. man these snakes really know how to say the right words. If he backs it up with actions then I'll believe he's turning over a new leaf. Either way I'm just gonna show this to liberals to encourage them to value ideological diversity, whether he means it or not it's still a good message against tribalism from a guy with a lot of mainstream clout.

  5. He's not lying. He's telling you the truth. You just have to know who he's talking about. Democracy is tyranny. That's why the US was founded as a Republic (long since lost). Everything they do is for THEIR BENEFIT. We get just enough table scraps to keep us from revolting. You cannot fix government, it is operating as designed. Always has, always will.

  6. Until someone actually protests his lack of concern for human dignity. Then he’ll beat them and take all their money and doxx them and arrest them and call them terrorists and trample them and ruin their lives.

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