Uncovering the Shocking Truth: Rep. Massie Reveals How FBI and CIA Are Invading Your Privacy

Uncovering the Shocking Truth: Rep. Massie Reveals How FBI and CIA Are Invading Your Privacy


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  1. The Dems are correct about one thing; we are a fascist nation…being run by the Dems.
    Fascism: "A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism."

  2. Ordinary targeting starts from the guard noticing something going on, sees somebody who could have caused it, and directing attention to him. Reverse targeting is getting a name, looking for the person and presenting him to the group without the target's knowledge, and then producing the act (some actors would think it's for fun, like Candid Camera) to frame. It's evil

  3. Hey, Musk revealed the Biden government, against the Law, colluded with FBI, DOJ, Twitter, FB, Big Tech & Fake News for years to censor Hunter laptop story & suppress Conservative views!

  4. As usual its yada yada yada yada. When I see on the news a line of federal traitors with cuffs on going to jail , charged and prosecuted , yes that would be you Mr. Wray and all your buddiesin CIA and other 3 letter agencies that have all gone rogue, a major cleaning of government is over due.

  5. You can't uncover the tyranny we have been enduring for fifty years , we are well aware of being targeted , stalked, death threats , false arrest , false charges , etc etc , we don't need no stinking uncovering .

  6. Don't you wonder what these insurrectionists have in mind to replace the so-called abusive FBI & CIA? Would sworn MAGA supporters and Proud Boys be acceptable? So far their "whistle blowers" have proven to not actually work for the government, having no direct knowledge related to their testimony.

  7. BRAVO Mr. Masse! It’s time these Traitors in the FBI and CIA be in jail. Love these hearings unfortunately NO ONE GOES TO JAIL. When will the Congress represent ALL AMERICANS and not just a handpicked few…

  8. This breaks my heart just knowing that there are people in the FBI that are against American people because that is what it is they are not protecting all rides they are destroying our country.

  9. I think we need to check into YouTube as well. I was told I was racist by a comment I made. I am anything but just like now they won't let me say the words I want to say I'm saying I am not a bad person I am an American and I have a right to say whatever I want to say and if you don't want to hear it don't read it don't look at it just don't listen. I do that everyday on these websites.

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