Underboss -Audiobook by Peter Maas

Story about Sami the Bull Gravano life in the mafia by Peter Maas ….Enjoy and also follow my Instagram too @ Fayzerbeam81 ?

Written by Fayzerbeam81


  1. Terrific story. It has the feel of "the life." Thanks for the no ad version. You Tube is very annoying when it places ads in stories. I often just stop listening when the mood is broken with ads for anal creams. Gaston

  2. Sammy The Rat. Piece of SHIT as far as I’m concerned. 1.- never tell on your friends (or anyone else) 2.- always keep your mouth shut. Guess ol Sammy didn’t practice what he preached eh ?

  3. Sammy did the right thing John's eagle brought down the family not Sammy Johns big mouth and stupidity brought down the family he wanted Sammy to take the fall f*** that

  4. I realize NBC created a made for TV movie in ‘98 that covered a portion of the book but I’m shocked Hollywood never took a stab at making this a major motion picture. In the hands of the correct screenplay writer and director this could be better than Casino or GoodFellas. We’re getting a bird’s eye view of the very top.

  5. Coming to this from Wiseguy, this story is a much better account of how the mafia actually works with some good background about the codes.
    The stories about sale of his club to the Czech and the ice-cream tarts are brilliant and perfectly narrated.

  6. Check out Poopsie "Big Buns" Dungillisi or "BB Giuseppe's audiobook, Buts "Bung" Benevicci's 12 'wiseguys and 1 omen', Boof "Sticks" Ohoollahan's 'podcast for wise guys'. Awesome gangsters.

  7. i must ave listened to this about 5 times over the last year or so, real good audio book, would highly recomend it to any mafia buffs, a very good listen, 10 out of 10!!!

  8. gotti brought it all upon himself for his very very stupid behaviour, cosa nostra is meant to be a secret society but with gotti it was anything but!
    giving the u.s government the finger, its obvious the government is gonna come after him until they gets gotti, and they did!!!

  9. That's is the reason "Big Paul" Got the boss job. Carlo was sick and wasn't able to think straight. Oh well I guess Big Paul didn't have a fucking clue what he was taking on but who knows.

  10. The California guy frank Desimone was the uncle I think to two gun tommy Tommy Desimone. He was played by Joe Pesci in goodfellas. He was a lucchese guy I think that's how that goes lol.

  11. Say what you want about this guy……when bikers showed up to take over his lounge he swung at the nearest one……..while in crutches for a broken leg…….which is the basis for the biker beating scene in the film " a Bronx Tale.

  12. Gotti paid his guys less then they deserved, bought the feds down on not only the Gambino's but the whole NY Mob with his flamboyance and wanted Sammy to take the fall for him in 1990. John Gotti may not have been the good guy, but he just wasn't a good guy.

  13. This book only got made 'cause I gave the OK. I had to tell Sammy what my protégé, Joseph Colombo, told the Godfather people, "Be nice." That's why you don't hear me mentioned. – John Alite