Understanding the Political Scenario of INDIA,CANADA,JAPAN,CHINA,USA, FRANCE etc

Understanding the Political Scenario of INDIA,CANADA,JAPAN,CHINA,USA, FRANCE etc by Yuri B.

Written by Amit Sengupta


  1. Gamer's Mom: Video Games will never lead to anything useful.
    COD unwittingly unlocks the Communist Plot to Overthrow the Western World saving Liberty for Generations.
    Gamers: ??

  2. Not every single human is garbage. This guy is so glib and hopeless and speaks in really dubious generalizations. I know basically everything he's saying is true, but his approach is so dour, what is his point? To further demoralize and destabilize? Yea, thanks for finally telling the truth but you're still a monster and not everyone is. Not everyone is greedy. Not everyone is a snitch. He's so myopic. Thanks for the morsels of truth.

  3. that intro was specifically to the Far Leftist BLM Protestors. Funny thing is NBC highlighted that the world leaders are using this Plandemic as a Power Grab, getting rid of Free Speech, controlling the Judiciary and the Media. Ironic

  4. If we end up going to war, instead of fighting each other, we need to turn and march to the doors of all government and overthrow all who enabled this.

    The powers that be want us to fight each other until the manipulators win- they are the ones that need eliminating.

  5. The normies are waking up, we've been saying all of this for the last 15 years, but it took CoD to wake you up……

    You are fucked, you're brains have deleted themselves, you need infinity ward to teach you about geopolitics?

  6. I have to admit the plan is genius. Even now this is being dismissed and for the most part ignored. Even when we were warned It has festered for decades and only now we are beginning to realize what is happening. I hope it is not too late.

  7. I've been sharing the various Yuri vids for at least 10 years. This is the first time I've seen one get more than 8,000 views. FINALLY this is being watched by more appropriate numbers of people – this material needs to be understood by millions of Americans, not just thousands. Those who understand Yuri are awakened to the fact that we (Americans) have been losing to the left since the 1960's while they have been infiltrating and subverting our K – 12 educational system, college system, media and now corporate America and political offices. The Marxist infestation must be exterminated like the deadly cancer that it is. Too many on the right say "watch out, there's going to be a civil war", when, in fact, they have been in the middle of one for 70 years and that a true civil war is one of ideology, not of violence – that is why they do not recognize the war – too many believe that they will smell gunpowder – that is not the indication of war – it is the cartoon book in your child's elementary school classroom about the "black struggle" which only has 1 white person in the book and they are wearing a pointy-white hood – the video your 9th-grader sees about how it is normal to believe you are the opposite sex – the 12th-grade history class that encourages them to vilify and hate the Founding Fathers of this nation – that is the symptom of war, not canon balls and muskets at Gettysburg. Wake. Up. You are already at war, and if you are currently losing. Fight back to correct the leftist ideology and resist assimilation into Marxist hell.

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  9. What the soviets probably did not predict, was a western invention would lead to near instant transfer of information. This has made the plot even more effective.

    Hope someone has saved this video just in case 😉

  10. Now the subverters are the politician and the target nation is their own!

    Added: After watching the video completely, he cleared left the KGB to join the CIA lol

  11. This might be most relevant video I have ever watched on YouTube. Incredibly enlightenining for someone born in the late 80s.
    Thank you so much for uploading this @Amit Sengupta!

  12. Thanks for sharing, excellent and needful talk here. For those who believe the message of Fatima, these are the errors of Russia which are spreading throughout the world.
    28:00 was hilarious, broke the audience