Unemployment at 3.9% or 8.1%

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The unemployment rate is either 3.9% or 8.1%.


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  1. Absolutely meaningless statistic. If you adjust it to include only people working over 20 hours a week the rate jumps up to around 17%. One only has to flip over and see that there are a record number of people on welfare to confirm the unemployment stats are total rubbish.

  2. A country with a high rate of services contributing to GDP is not going to do well when a recession hits. I see many reasons why stagflation is going to be the reality.

  3. I know the figures are manipulated but all the companies I know of are struggling to get staff and I see billboards all over the place advertising job opportunities.

  4. A better methodology would be take total Centrelink liability and divide it by the total working age population. If its increasing – productivity is down. The other way and it's up. Adjust for inflation, and population growth. Unemployment as a measure is bollocks

  5. Im full time mum and working from home earn extra money and not working for anyone but i never been carculated in unemployment statistics as im not looking for work

    Can they give accurate percentage if the included al stay home mum ??? That could be more then 10% unemployed

  6. One thing I would find helpful is some guidance on where workers are needed and what training they should be undertaking to get those positions. You can browse sites like Seek and get a general feel for what's going on now, but I think there needs to be more political and corporate communication as to what we as a country are trying to achieve in the future. Windscreens O'Brien did a big tv campaign letting everyone know they were hiring and what to expect, and were surprisingly inclusive of women. We need more of that.

  7. My two adult kids are out of work due to the mandate and don't qualify for any centrelink cause they are on leave without pay. They are earning nothing and are regarded as employed by the govt. How many are like this?

  8. "For the first time more than 2 in 3 working age Australians participated in the economy"
    In other words a third of Australians are not interested in working. But demand free income.
    How does this nation survive?

  9. Businesses will fold like construction companies. Construction is a lead indicator, it's coming to an industry near you! Hospitality will fold next, retail as well. Labour wI'll keep blaming liberals. Inflation will soar. Taxes will increase next year to pay for the inevitable bail outs of renewable based financially flawed projects. New transmission lines to these renewables will go ahead at massive costs, which will be passed on to consumers. It's going to be epic. Like my south African corrpupt billionaire president, we will need to stash hard currency under our mattresses.

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