Unemployment Claims Predicted To Hit TWO MILLION, The Worst In US History

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  1. For years the driving force has been the high price of oil. That is gone now. There is no tool to recover the lost effectively. And the tourism sector is out of the question until a vaccine is found.

    Get ready for conscription.

    A false flag.

    Ship out all the unemployment and crime.

    May bet, US Deepstate will atempt to shutdown the Straight of Hormuz effectively blocking MENA oil from flowing out allowing US shale which is getting slaughtered by the Russia-Sa'uwdi's oil price war, to compete and move in the global market (while they syphon off MENA oil extremely underprice).

    Not to mention by cutting MENA oil flow will harm China economy as well.

  2. This is not worse than the Great Depression. Ben Shapiro said the same thing and that’s just blatantly fucking wrong.

  3. Who cares if he drops his salary? Most of the compensation for these types of executives is from deferred compensation. It’s symbolic.

  4. I think the BEST way to get out of this turmoil when this pandemic is over is to start doing all the rebuilding this country has needed for over 50 years. Rebuild roads, bridges, airports and other projects that would bring the economy back so fast it should snap the economy back over a few years. Also companies should open up factories and break ground on building our own supply chain to ween off of chinese goods as a PAYBACK. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I CAN SEE US REBOUND

  5. Might have to come to this once a few hundred thousand more ventilators and other equipment are ready in the USA: we let it run through while being on high alert and quarantine everyone over 80 yrs old or immunocompromised while that happens. People have to work. The world must go on.

  6. The Dems will blame the economy on Trump, and all Trump will have to do is bring up Wuhan CoronaVirus to make them look like jackasses. The economy was roaring forward until this outbreak occurred, and it was the Chinese Communist Party's fault.

  7. China started this & mainstream media is pushing Chinas propaganda!!!! Now the libtards want guns to protect themselves!!!! How much has changed in a month!!!!

  8. Well.we now know what happens when millennials become adults in their 30s. They just created a massive safe space and fucked the economy. Yeah yeah this doesnt apply to all of them just a majority

  9. There is a difference between unemployment and not having work.

    Freelance people understand this. It's about time everyone else does.

  10. The economy needs to freeze in essence…we need food production and transportation and necessities to continue but otherwise halt everything…fuck the credit card companies and the banks

  11. Whatever, this isn't "Unemployment" claims as much as it is a way to deploy funds to people because this mechanism is already in place.


    Ya, if you track ALL OTHER VIRUS HISTORIES TIM, ALL of the markets BOUNCED BACK and beyond where they were within a few months with the exception of ONE TIME…where it took more than 6 months.
    NOT ONLY is the content here hyperbolic, BUT they way in which TIM reads it is also hyperbolic.
    Don't forget over 19,000 people have died from standard flus so far this year…that's WITH inoculations.
    H1N1 killed an average of 1000 people per month in the USA.
    China, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong…all report less and less cases.
    C'mon man.

  12. I remember a little while ago, pre-outbreak, Obama and company were taking credit for the high economy and low unemployment.
    Using that logic, Obama must be responsible for this horrific predicted high unemployment.
    Way to go, Obama.
    Way to screw things up yet again.

  13. Yesterday, Dominos had their last day of 50% off all pizzas. So even though we have a bunch of canned and dried foods. We bought 3 pizzas last night. The employees there are always so awesome when we order through them so we wanted to show them some support.

  14. This is silly, the same papers and groups that parroted Obama saying we would never go above 2% in the economy. 'The golden days are over'.

    Fuck off.

  15. Hey Tim you send everybody home they become instantly unemployed. What did you think would happen. I am wondering why they are saying only 2 million.

  16. Well I guess if the Democrats get their way the few people that can go back to work will kill the job with 15 dollars an hour they put in the ridiculous bill they want to pass