Unemployment funds hacked from US government | Wake Up America

Rep. James Comer shares details on a quarter of a trillion dollars in unemployment funds that were stolen from the U.S. government by hackers. – via ‘Wake Up America’ on Newsmax

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Written by Newsmax TV


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  1. Why haven't impeachment proceedings begun against President Biden? He is directly responsible for creating a national security emergency via his open border policy – in direct conflict with the oath he took to defend The United States Constitution when he was sworn in. Nixon faced impeachment and chose to resign for his part in the Watergate break in. It's time for this failure of a President to be removed.

  2. I am having trouble believing this was stolen. If it was truly “stolen” the Governor’s would be screaming. In Washington state the Governor did nothing. Because he knows where it is.

  3. That's b.s. they been saying "hacking" unemployment from different states like Virginia, is people that did not get unemployment benefits.. lol Inepted biden adm is unreliable and corrupted. The Republicans should investigate if is true, I Douth it,, because those dems are having a ball with taxpayers money, they'll made up another storg.

  4. @ 1:36 This guest: Congressman James Comer [ no Disrespect to him But ] Says to the
    effect that we Just Can't Keep Printing Money….. / What does Printing Currency Have
    To Do with an Online Theft ? !

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