Unexpected EPIC Moment – Melbourne Protest (Clip)

Just a quick something to tide people over. Huge things are on the way.



Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. Well done your on the right side of history. Andrews is and will be on the wrong side in a few years andrews will be just a dirty word to kind humans shame on this horrible excuss for a human being . Love from uk

  2. Yaaassss! Sending love, peace, strength and respect to all Melburnians/Victorians and Aussies who attended and stood up for freedom, self autonomy, democracy and choice. 👏🙌🇭🇲❤

  3. All ethnicities and cultures united against oppression. Here in Australia we love our Arab brothers and sisters so much we even eat their food for breakfast (Hummus, Haloumi, and Dukkah) etc. From different lands we come! We are one! But we are many!

  4. When ive rode past the homebush vaccination hub all I could see was Indian and Chinese people lined up. Is it about keeping visas or government jobs or what? How come I cant see any indians or chinese in this crowd? If i go anywhere these days they make up the majority, where are they?

  5. Fantastic!! Come on don't give up the world is watching to the Australian people !!! Animals have a beter life in Australia!
    Freedom is the only goal here, for our children and grandchildren!!! Otherwise we gone live in a orwellian world!!!

  6. How good, these protests are showing me that no matter what the media try to paint. Society is not racist. The everyday person cares and would look after/help anyone who needed it.

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