Unheralded Degrees of Damage Control Being Run for the Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal


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  1. Here's what I see happening if the Democrat somehow pull it off.. within a few months Biden will be impeached and we'll have President Harris. This won't be the GOP plan, it'll be AOC, Omar, Schumer and Pelosi behind it. I believe they're gonna drop him like a hot potato first chance they get.

  2. They sure don't seem to mind what they post and say about Trump and his family. I mean they still go on about how he was impeached…and I don't think he was.. I think they tried to impeach him but that fell through… They keep going on about his collusion with Russia and we know that was all false…but then Obama taps and spies on Trump during the campaign and that is a ok… Nixon got impeached for that sort of thing…

  3. My big fear is that all the Russia, Russia, Russia crap will desensitize us to the fact that Russia really is a threat. Of course that's what the Clinton's, Obama's, and a high number of people in Congress need, given that they are in Russia, China's, and Iran's pockets.

  4. "Journalists" should be able to be sued for intentionally misleading people, and lying by omission.
    This isnt journalism, it is intentionally trying to cover up people crimes and influence public opinon to protect a political party.

  5. Jefferson and John Adams both died on July 4, 1826 on the 50th anniversary. John’s last words (or close to them at least) were “Thomas Jefferson lives”, however Jefferson had died earlier that day.

  6. Many tens of millions have long since lost all respect for the left-wing media. The only difference now is the left-wing media has lost all respect for themselves.

  7. I’m pretty sure the NY post was founded in the first decade of the 1800’s by founding father Alexander Hamilton…. it literally is rooted in the foundation of the nation.

  8. The point of propaganda is not to convince you to agree with their side.
    The point is to make you think that their victory is inevitable, and opposing it is impossible.

  9. The fact that the WP is whispering about laptop gives the story enough credibility to damage Biden's campaign. People will search in a matter to validate the story is fake but will end up with more contradictory information. The criteria are the pictures / videos currently circulating on the web. And since their is no denial, well, silence speaks louder.

  10. The fact that you had to choose between Barack Obama and John McCain is clear and present proof that we need a third option none of the above make them start all over again with new candidates if all they present to us are nothing but s*** heads choosing between the better of two evils is not the way the American electoral election process is supposed to work

  11. I'd stopped reading the Post because of some leftist propaganda peices a few years ago and have ignored them completely ever since.

    Any information on certain subjects I've usually researched through alternative sources I've come to trust.

    I have been impressed that the Post ran this article though. Gives me hope that there's still some journalistic integrity out there.

  12. I have a great idea that would solve two of our problems at the same time every time a member of the press gets caught lying or deceiving they have to put money into the government to pay off the national debt their news agency has to match that money X 10 that would slow down there lying and help pay off the national debt at the same time

  13. NY Post – 1801
    NY Times – 1857
    The Atlantic – 1857
    Salon – 1995
    HuffPo – 2005

    Yes, New York Post has just a bit of an edge over Salon and HuffPo, as well as the Times and Atlantic.