Unhinged Dem Calls Investigation Of Ukraine Spending “Russian Propaganda!”

U.S. Government spending (that we know of) on the Ukraine War is soon going to top $100 billion and there are many indications that a substantial portion of those funds have not ended up in the right hands. Which is why we need oversight of the Ukraine War funding, right? Wrong, says Democratic House Representative Adam Smith, who also – get this – chairs the House Armed Services Committee. Investigating Ukraine spending would be an exercise in “Russian propaganda,” Smith says.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss how a call for basic oversight of government spending can qualify as “Putin propaganda.”

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  1. The funny thing is you know even though nobody wants this you could tell this bonehead Adam Smith guy, "what if we give The Ukraine an extra billion every time to have an oversight dept.", and it would either be racist or phobic, or suddenly we wouldn't have the money for 1 extra billion.

  2. The reason that you have branches of government is to check and balance, to actual oversight to be endemic of what they should be doing on an hourly basis on any money that was spent to know what was spent on, to get to where it was supposed to… if that is supposed to be propaganda of any form, it should be for a government running to how it's supposed to… that isn't an outside influence that's proper internal workings of governance.. if that they were actually running properly, they would be getting praised, and they're not, as why they want to call it propaganda as if it's an outside source, when it never was… because their crapping their pants… internally in government in all the branches… because they know realise their being ripped off by Ukraine… and have been at every time they threw money to Ukraine… the money and weapons are not winning the war like they thought it would.. maybe because there is no money or weapons being used to a war they were losing when they didn't even have radio's… or commanders to call on those non-existent radio's because their all mostly dead, or ran away in their wives' dresses.

  3. Canada's socialist Healthcare system is offering to kill you if they can't afford you now. They are thinking about extending that to kids! Absolutely sickening.

  4. Adam Smith can say that because he knows full well no one is listening or cares. At least anyone who could do something about it. We don't matter one rats ass. The US spends more on the military than the other 9 countries listed there.

  5. Thanks for keeping us informed in regards to the undemocratic, corrupt party. Yes, jimmy, i agree,Russia, Putin, Hassan are not our enemy, our enemy is this party who represents the military industrial complex. Now I ask everyone, when are we gonna take to the streets & begin protesting?

  6. They can track every cell phone on Earth with two small chips that cost less than a dollar. But they can't install tracking on multi-million-dollar weapons? File that under the category of " things that make you say, Hmmm?"

  7. "Ukraine is spending the money really well, that's why their winning"
    Ok. What does "winning" look like to you?
    Cause we've been through this one before (afghanistan) and not that long ago. And we were told over and over that we were winning until we lost DEFINITIVELY and HUMILIATINGLY in one fell swoop only to realize that we had in fact been losing all along.
    Just saying.

  8. jimmy, i am really concerned about the pentagon giving the go ahead for ukraine to send missiles inside russia. the provocation which started a week ago when pres Z shelled two nuclear bases inside russian territory sent shivers in my spine. this is technically a US first strike on russian soil. the press didnt say anything.

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