Unhinged Jon Stewart Makes A Complete A$$ Of Himself Infront Of Millions!


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  1. Remember when John Stewart quit the Daily Show to be a director? No? Well, look up the movies he directed and you’ll know how and why his career died a lonely death.

  2. Acting like bickering toddlers is not an effective way of getting a point across, nor is it particularly productive toward any end goal that anyone is trying to reach. If the goal is some kind of mutually beneficial agreement it would be better to simply Listen to others who may disagree with your position/proposal…odds are good there is a reason they disagree with you. Only my opinion😺

  3. I know Jon Stewart‘s heart used to be in the right place. I used to really like the guy pre-Trump era.
    But after trumps presidential run, John Stewart fell down the hill fast

  4. How about they just make bills that are about one specific thing instead of using a group of people that's suffering as a means to an unrelated end? You can really tell who the assholes are when they want to use the suffering of Veterans as leverage for something that has nothing to do with Veterans. I don't care which party has done it in the past it's shitty and it needs to stop

  5. Jon Stewart needs to just fade away. You can see how desperate he is for attention and to be relevant now. His Apple show was quickly cancelled and he’s seething that more people listen to Joe Rogan than he ever reached on the Daily Show. You retired Jonny, stay retired.

  6. First off, this boils down the same old Conservatives will discuss and use facts and figures, while liberals just get emotional and yell, no facts, no figures.
    That said, I feel about this bill as I do about literally every other one. Our nation is being bankrupted and every goddamn bill that is passed has nothing to do with its title, is 10000000000000 pages long, and 99% of the money is going towards crap that has nothing to do with the bills purpose. We desperately need to reform this all. Our system is VASTLY broken and is NOT working.

  7. Before I had seen seen the Toomey section of this video, I had presumed that it was yet anothe trick like this; to me, this seems akin to the recent bill that had included something about interracial marriages in a bill that was mostly about gay marriage, that "they" knew that the Republicans would vote against.

  8. Democrats will try to pass a bill offering water bottles to people in the desert. Then when a Republican points out that the Democrats spiked the water bottles with RAZOR BLADES, they cry YOU HATE VETERANS. No John… YOU HATE VETERANS.

  9. I dont know. I kind of feel for Jon Stewart in this regard. He has been fighting for veteran rights for decades now. he must be super frustrated that they cant get a single veteran bill to get passed, no matter who is in office. it is just that now, he has been infected with liberal mind virus and just takes it out on the conservative like they're a whipping post for the world's woes. thats trashy of him, but i get why he is overall peeved. the swamp must be drained yo

  10. John Stewart is a con artist who knows exactly what mandatory spending vs discretionary spending is.. Stewart and his boy Colbert are establishment swamp mobsters.

  11. Good for John Stewart. He has been working hard towards this. Yea, he got frustrated after seeing all his work go down. But he realized the guy was trying to help and eventually chill out.. I am going to prescribe the same medication to liberal hivemind for this video. No need to rant towards the one man who has been trying to do the right thing for veterans from the start.

  12. I once had high regard for him and his comedy troop but they have all betrayed their country. Comically (no pun intended), they still really think they aren't "The Baddies", ignoring that they can see what a bad guy does and says in their own Hollywood movies and not realize they are parroting it word for word.

    I am going to use a tactic the left will never use, I am going to be fair; Jon's concern towards veterans is at least about the right thing and he has been consistent. Even back in the day on his show he would always devote segments to championing veterans. I remember thinking how the news was full of stories about veterans having to wait and not getting treatment. It wasn't super popular to talk about that back then because being a Democrat, like Jon is, you were against the military and our troops in general. Remember, it was the Democrats that spit on soldiers as they came back from Vietnam. All I'll say is, caring about veterans, however obtuse and/or ignorant goes about it, is not something new to Jon Stewart. I think that means based on his history that he sincerely wants to help them. That gives me hope for them, the lost leftys.

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