United States Admits To Spreading Lies About Ukraine War

US Government officials have revealed that, in an effort to counter Russian propaganda, the United States has been issuing propaganda of its own about Russia, Vladimir Putin and events in Ukraine. It’s a stunning admission from an administration that has consistently pushed the line that Russia is the only source of propaganda that matters in this conflict. Meanwhile, the American media passes along this revelation as a great strategic move from the US, as opposed to what it is, a major disinformation campaign.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss this surprising piece of news and the media’s predictably disappointing response.

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  1. Who do you think created the term "NAZIS"? This is nothing new & it was used during WW1 & WW2 & used big time post WW2. How many of you have even researched what proof there is of the Holocaust? Everything should be questioned in an unbiased manner.

  2. Regarding your opening comment, the control arm of a study cannot be less than the current standard of care. Before we had vaccines, placebos were fine as a control. Now it would be completely unethical to deny subjects that received placebo the current standard of care, which is the vaccine.

  3. There's something gratuitous about that anchor's enthusiasm and dedication to this process. She's clearly too young, and too dumb, to know what she's admitting to.

  4. Jimmy is so desparate to find some idiotic alt left niche that has consensus with the alt right and be his own guy? He's still trying to figure out was his own convictions are.

  5. politicians are controlled by ghosts thats why they are behaving in an evil manner. jimmmy your reporting is fantastic please watch your back. there is a ghost watching you from my home. he is scared to do anything bcos of me. a ghost is a small energy field coin sized comprised of alpha, beta, gamma and cosmic radiation. these are all around us and these energy fields are intereconnected via radio signals. by the way this ghost is called god and he is no friend of mine. this ghost has murdered my entire family.

  6. LMAO!! BIDEN WAS PROJECTING about "chemical weapons", meanwhile his SON is involved with DARPA and a massive bio weapons lab in Ukraine. Biden makes me want to vomit. He and his Son belong in JAIL

  7. All the Pharmaceutical company’s have immunity Vaccine law which means they can not be sued for a bad vaccine. I wonder if they falsified the double blind study data wouldn’t that possibly negate their immunity from lawsuits if the Covid vaccines harm people in the future?

  8. To any humanist out there… don't believe in war. You can be manipulated so they get your vote to support war…

    It's a rich psychopaths rules and guess what folks they will make folks like us who don't have power fight for their ideologies…

  9. I used to watch you criticize the corporate right. Now you criticize the left the same way. As if one side is evil and the one side is wonderful. The rightwing doesn't use propaganda? The rightwing doesn't do things for money? The rightwing isn't hypocritical? The rightwing doesn't lie?

    You wonder why the left media won't be more balanced — but never mention Fox, Newsmax, etc. Then you describe how evil the military is — but it's the same military that's here no matter who is in office. Remember it was the RIGHT who lied about weapons of destruction and led us into war. But you imply the dishonesty was and is only on the LEFT. Even though you sometimes say everyone is corrupt, your show makes it sound like all the evil is on the left.

    Taking sides on everything is a big problem — especially when each side pushes only a small part of truth.

  10. So. Do we at this point just admit that Russia is the good guy here. Not, Russia is “not wrong”. But at this point it’s better to assume they are just outright the good guys. At least unless we get some actual info proving they are knowingly doing bad things

  11. Hey, anyone watched "The Sum Of All Fears"?…they got them some neo nazi Ukraine's tricking the U.S. and Russia into nuclear war, but the well informed Ben Affleck was treated like a conspiracy theory idiot because he knew the truth. …and Morgan Freeman was in it? That was a good one.

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