United States sees near-record inflation

Prices of basic goods are increasing at a near-record rate in the United States as a new report shows inflation is at levels not seen in four decades.

The United States consumer price inflation index has risen seven per cent from December 2020 to December 2021 – the steepest climb since June 1982.

Housing, gas, and used vehicles were the biggest contributors to the price hikes.


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  1. They are 'Breaking Your Back Better'!
    Be careful with what they're doing when they are creating inflation because what you own will be worth nothing. Printing Money you owe on the one hand and Money Laundering real wealth to Corporations with the other hand. And that will keep bankers safe. But what about you?

  2. The biggest contributor to the price hikes was due to deliberate supply chain disruptions globally and spending Trillions of dollars in government spending that future generations of unborn children will have to pay for, not this bullsh*t information the media is trying to have you believe.

  3. Same here in Australia, just waiting for it to blow up. Housing prices through the roof
    Yet interest rates at record low still.
    Just like in the GFC, yet people think it will never end.

  4. We have all these issues in the US; Covid, inflation, the border, the supply chain shortages and democrats are focused on one thing, consolidating their power with a voting “rights” act. I wish they would just do their damn jobs and pass a budget on time. They keep kicking that can down the road.

  5. If any country wants to conduct trade with another country they must hand over real money to buy printed paper from Amerika called USD in order to trade with others. A day is coming when money for nothing checks for free comes to an end for Amerika.

  6. All going according to plan… THE ONLY comfort is that the more they accelerate the BS, the sooner the Lord will come back. If you don't believe, don't post stupidities.
    But in the end, He WILL judge the living and the dead.. So, live they way you see fit, and be aware that there's always a consequence to our actions.
    If you believe that after death we fall asleep and that's it, that's entirely your problem.

  7. Why is Bideb so docile? It could be the answer to his prolbems. You have to answer the questions – yet Bide offers nothing burgers like they're full meals. The man has no shame.

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