United States situation

and the strange case of Chine continues


Omicron BA.2

Nationally, 3% over last two weeks

Cases, + 31,000

Higher in New York City (cases up 39% in past 2 weeks)

Washington, D.C.

Hospital patients down 8.2% past week

Covid-19 Wastewater Monitoring in the U.S.

SARS-CoV-2 virus concentration (copies / mL of sewage)

The level of virus in wastewater is a leading indicator,

meaning it precedes the change in clinical case counts or hospitalizations.


Monday, reinstate indoor mask mandate

First major U.S. city to do so

Cheryl Bettigole, health commissioner

This is our chance to get ahead of the pandemic

Cases, + 142

(Omicron wave, + 4,000)

knowing that every previous wave of infections has been followed by a wave of hospitalizations,

and then a wave of deaths,

then it will be too late for many of our residents

White House, Dr. Ashish K. Jha

We’ve got to watch this very carefully,

But I don’t think this is a moment where we have to be excessively concerned

Right now that is showing an uptick,

but not showing substantial changes in what we should be doing

Mayor Eric Adams, New York City

Tested positive on Sunday


I feel fine, no fever, no running nose, no aches and pains

I would probably have had different outcomes if I was not vaccinated and boosted


China has reported more than

200,000 locally transmitted cases

Most mild or asymptomatic

One case, currently categorized as “severe”

No deaths reported in the current outbreak

US State department

Nonemergency U.S. consulate, ordered out

Americans should avoid traveling to China,

arbitrary enforcement of local laws and Covid-19 related restrictions

25 million locked down since 1st April

Some family separations

Liang Wannian, senior official, China’s National Health Commission

We cannot let our guard down

people first, lives first

lying flat is not an option for China

Over 60s in China

264 million

40 million of them unvaccinated

Infections among this group inevitable


30 cases

PCR testing 18 million

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. I find it impossible to believe that Philadelphia cranked up ANY mandate earlier than Santa Clara county, California.
    Sara Cody must be in hospital dealing with her 8th booster.

  2. Lets have Congress pass new Covid Bill, authorizing capture and testing of all mosquitoes and biting flies in the United States. Boy! Really scraping the bottom of the cookie batter bowl! Like a dog with a g-d bone. They will never willingly give this up. It works too well.

  3. The ability to test sewage has existed for at least 30 years. I was married to a Sanitary Sewer Engineer. They always tested water for all kinds of bacteria and stuff. Now it is viruses.
    My husband just got Omicron, triple vaxxed wearing N95 masks most of the time. However, his case of active infection was no walk in the park, he got pretty sick with symptoms and was given Paxlovid and one antibiotic. We are in NYC and people are getting pretty ill with symptoms. This is so contagious no one will escape it . However, this did not need to be this way as leadership in politics and science was so skewed with dishonesty.

  4. Dr. Campbell, I don't understand why the US Federal Government would not require wastewater monitoring in all states / counties which might be a totally more reliable indicator of infections total. It includes the total population rather than the percentage of the population which only get tested when sick and receive testing / treatment.

  5. I agree with you about the amazing human immune system. But here's a tip from my own experience over the past 18 months or so… If you think you have covid, or if you know you have covid, stay away from alcohol. It seems to drastically affect the human immune system's ability to fight the virus, even if you have antibodies from previous infection. I suspected for months that there was a correlation. Now I'm sure of it. Last week, I knew that I had it again, along with nearly everybody else at work. Nobody wanted to admit it, so nobody got tested. Nobody got very sick, either. Omicron BA2 was little more than a nuisance until I decided to spend Sunday drinking beer all day. On Monday, for one day, I was hit with the same symptoms I had from alpha 18 months ago, almost as bad. But now I'm fine again. 24-hour covid? Makes me wonder how many people that have been hospitalized from covid happen to be moderate to heavy drinkers. Take my advice. Don't drink and covid.

  6. John …wise to the one, grand old pride , grandpa Jones, what was her name ?? Penny Earl, Earl penny?? Grandpas friend…dag I'm old and heehaw…again GOP subjective. My granny was a Jones. But some legend say John's..then change calls it jon, the leui..spelling on that. Lord. Queens crowning. Minnie ..not mouse sob.whoever said it..fuss tard

  7. We did everything we were supposed to do . My son in law has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer advanced because covid policies kept him from getting early diagnosis in 2021 when he had pancreatitis and was sent home with some meds and a diet . How many will die because medical procedures were delayed or denied because of covid. He is 42 with 2 small kids.

  8. You may not be able to eliminate exposure to BA.2 by wearing a mask, but if you wear an N95 mask, you will likely get a smaller dose. A smaller initial dose can give your immune system time to ramp up and not be overwhelmed. A milder case of Omicron is desirable.

  9. Are the countries that are still doing lockdowns making this continue to go around for the rest of the world? I do remember you saying lockdowns don’t work, so I’m wondering if that is what keeps it lingering.

  10. There was no evidence from alpha beta or delta that masks offered any significant protection, they never have and the lying media and even more lying government has used masks and more for control and it is quite sickening to watch the sheep like people follow. It also hurts to listen to and see people who keep pushing these lies John.

  11. The Biden regime is worried about the mid term elections , and they should be. The occupier in the White House and the corrupt bureaucrats want there to be a reason to do mail – in voting so they can cheat again .
    Covid is irrelevant. Look at China – look at what they are doing to the people there . That is what the globalists would like to do to us all.
    Enough about this stupid virus . None of it matters as much as the rising totalitarianism

  12. Same in Canada, the national microbiology laboratory is on the city where I live and wastewater data has been used for quite some time by our government and just opened to the public about one month ago

  13. Interestingly.. my husband wasn’t feeling well tonight and just to an urgent care to get tested. Although I told him not to bother.. and they told him it was $40 for a test!!!!???? Insane!! And we have insurance and he was told insurance doesn’t cover the test anymore??? Really??? I guess that no longer fits their narrative!! Unreal!

  14. Remember, too much caffeine, too much exercise, too much stress is what causes heart attacks, it's not from that time you rolled up your sleeve. And don't forget, test yourself constantly, or you may lose that dreaded sense of malaise you've all come to love.

  15. Can you please specify which type of Diabetes? My husband & son are both Type 1 Diabetics. My son's endocrinologist let us know early on that Type 1 was not the risk factor that Type 2 is. She had not seen any of her pediatric Type 1 patients in the ICU. Please specify in your report if it is Type 1 or 2. Thank you. I love your channel. It has been a lifeline during these crazy times.

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