University puts TRIGGER WARNING on Huckleberry Finn

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  1. This 'trigger warning' idea sounds like it's being kind. But isn't it just weakening people in the end?

    After all, not everything that we encounter in life will have 'trigger warnings'. And we're going to run into things that we find upsetting.
    It's better that we learn how to deal with that in a healthy way.

    Surely, a mention on the cover that this book is set in the US Southern states during slavery is enough. And also that Huck and Jim are friends.
    Look at any of these Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer stories and these two young men are far from being racist. Jim is just another their adventures. Nowhere do they treat him as a slave or a lesser being.
    Mark Twain makes his attitude against slavery and racism quite clear.

  2. Presumably none of these delicate snowflakes watch television after nine at night? And whatever you do don't let them read any of Andrew Lang's fairy stories, not to mention Hans Christian Anderson and the brothers Grimm – kidnapping and eating children etc.

  3. I’ve just finished an old book where the word coconut was spelt ‘cocoanut’. Not gonna lie – had to look it up – thought it was a typo. Turns out, that’s how you used to spell coconut… that’s a spelling we (society) don’t use anymore. Maybe they should put a trigger warning sticker on that book too in case people get offended 🙄

  4. I read that book and many more in my teens and had zero requirement for trigger warnings or safe spaces. Adults should not need protection from written words – no matter what they’ve ‘been through’. Why doesn’t someone tell these people to GROW UP?

  5. We can appreciate the pros and cons for trigger warnings, however we do feel that in this instance it is a step too far.
    Classic books, films, art are only going to be sought and consumed by those we actually want a particular item. In these cases there is no need for warnings.
    This is an example where the current woke fashion is to impose their greater ideology on anything and everything. Jess is right it is a step too far.

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