Unravelling China’s “sinister plan” to “unleash coronavirus”

” Leaked 2015 Chinese Military Document Reveals A Discussion By Top Chinese Scientists To Weaponize The SARS Coronavirus To Cripple Medical Systems” story:

Sky news:

Chinese book title: 非典非自然起源和人制人新种病毒基因武器-李峰-徐德忠
Authors: 李峰 徐德忠

Amazon sale:典非自然起源和人制人新种病毒基因武器-李峰-徐德忠/dp/B012984EOI

Reader’s review:

Amazingly, several posts rejected my claim that news outlets in China are often ordered to follow the government line. If you really need a source for that, it is my 30 years of reporting from China.
If you would like a more authoritative source than my own reporting, try, which puts China at 177th place out of 180 countries in terms of press freedom.

Written by potholer54

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  1. Sky News Australia is absolutely mental. How is theirs exactly like Fox news US and ours isn't? Do they not have news broadcasting standards?

  2. Another great debunking video. What I like about this and others you have posted are the charts showing how misinformation travels through the blogosphere like the telephone game with each player having a vested interest in embellishing the story.

    On another note glad to hear your favorite charity is doing well.

  3. Our world is doomed. Even if we institute mandatory critical thinking lessons around the world. Our species is simply not equipped to cope with the amount of information being thrown at it in the information age. Everyone hails the Internet as the greatest invention of all time. Perhaps. But in this mad dash to "internetize" the world, very little thought has been given to the inherent dangers in that technology and its side effects. It may yet spawn madness and destruction on a scale never seen before if the wrong ideas take hold and reach critical mass. People are simply too stupid, uninformed, petty and easily duped to be a reliable compass. This does not bode well for free societies and may become their own undoing, while tyrannies who control the information flow within their societies come out unscathed.

  4. The articles making these claims are little more than sleek propaganda journo-framing that dupes the peasants in society, but not those who know the tactics and activities of these monsters.

    ironically, in the same window of time, Fort Detrick (military research lab in the US) was shut down for months and that was largely kept out of the mainstream media. Anyone curious about that should find a lot of articles, read them and make a balanced view/opinion on that – to me it's looks highly suspicious.

  5. I can’t wait to see the thunderf00t debunks. He’s been going hard on the whole hating Elon musk thing because he’s butthurt about not working for SpaceX. I would love to see the chunderf00t cultists crawl out of the woodwork.

    EDIT: Wow, that did not take long

  6. It's a shame because there are legitimate reasons to be wary of the Chinese government, yet it's bunk stories like these that feature most often in anti-CCP discourse.

  7. I remember reading a Chinese article accusing the US military of deliberately sending infected contestants to the Military Olympics in Wuhan, two months before the outbreak.
    It's of course non-sense because the Americans would have known the virus would infect many countries other than China, especially if introduced among soldiers.

  8. Many, many thanks to you, Peter, for addressing the stupid and dangerous misinformation that people have been spreading about the coronavirus. The ridiculous conspiracies doing the rounds on social media have been growing more ridiculous by the month, and it astonishes me that so many people are gullible enough to believe them.

  9. Ok. This weaponized Covid story is obviously bullshit, but what about "legitimate" news stories and investigations into Covid simply being a lab leak? This weaponized Covid story seems to be something the media cooked up to muddy the waters.

  10. Those wily Chinese with their diabolical plot to unleash covid on the world – in Wuhan, China. Were the stable geniuses behind this plot Moe, Larry and Curly?

    But seriously, what I would like to see someone discuss is gain of function research.
    Seems to me this is bio-weapons research hiding behind a lucite fig leaf of public health research.
    Even if covid-19 did not escape from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, they were doing gain of function research on it[1], yet I have not heard that their research helped with the pandemic. If that is the case, then at the very least, this research – funded by the US – was a monumental failure. Shouldn't the discussion be about banning such research which has enormous risk (ie unleashing a pandemic) with little realistic benefit in terms of public health? Has any gain of function research ever produced a useful vaccine?

    [1] which I encourage everyone to read. While Wade is careful to merely present the evidence for the two covid origin hypotheses – I suspect any unbiased reader will conclude it is far more likely that covid-19 was engineered than that it jumped species through mutations.

    I can't help but wonder why the US funded research which could result in a WMD, and which was suspended out of safety concerns in the US at the time, at a lab in a major geopolitical rival.
    Couple the US funding with it's flat footed response to the pandemic and the massive upward transfer of wealth they enacted using the pandemic as cover and we have the makings of a proper conspiracy theory.
    The US deep state wanted a pandemic to carry out a wealth transfer, further restrict civil liberties and eliminate many they consider "useless eaters". They suckered the Chinese into carrying out research into a virus they had already weaponized and then released it in Wuhan setting the Chinese up as patsies. Ridiculous? Any more ridiculous than plotting to kill Castro with an exploding cigar?

    "The greatest purveyor of violence in the world: My own Government, I cannot be Silent."
      —  Martin Luther King Jr

  11. conspiracies are like inflation: everyone knows everything, yet they are wrong every single time, and if they right it wasn't even because of the things they said. now we have to deal with new news cycle about some scientists saying that accident leak hasn't been ruled out. and as we all know that means it did come from a lab. and the cycle repeats.

  12. See, Dr. John Campbell's video on the Covid Virus was in Italy by early Sept. 2020, at his YouTube channel. He has the evidence. To me, it means the chinese knew what they were dealing with by early Nov, 2020….