UNREAL! NBC Culture Reporter Fuels Fake CULTURE WAR For Amber Heard?! Why Trust In News is SINKING!

UNREAL! NBC Culture Reporter Fuels Fake CULTURE WAR For Amber Heard?! Why Trust In News is SINKING!

MSNBC host Katy Tur wonders if she’s doing “more harm than good” as a journalist as trust in the media has dwindled in recent years.

“People don’t trust us,” Tur said last week. Indeed, the recent Gallup poll indicated confidence in newspapers and television newscasts has crumbled.

Only 16% of Americans said they have a “great deal or quite a lot” of confidence in newspapers in 2022, a 5% drop compared to the 2021 findings, according to Gallup. It was the lowest number to give those answers since Gallup started asking about newspapers in 1973.

And recent tweets by NBC Tech & Culture “journalist” Kat Tenbarge about the Johnny Depp Trial being a conspiracy, sure doesn’t help matters.

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  1. The wild thing is anyone who reads this, this is an issue that transcended political boundaries. as both conservatives and liberals united at like a rate as high as 95 percent (when have we EVER agreed at anything like that? The Afghan war right after 9/11?) to call her out as full of shit. The only people mad about this are a few very vocal extremists on twitter, utilizing bots and various other methods to make it look like amber has a more meaningful backing. She doesn't. I can tell you because i'm a leftist, and no one I know believes her either. We were shown the evidence. This is what we're always telling conservatives, evidence, evidence, evidence. Well here is evidence. We got it from a highly publicized trial.

  2. I just like most of us am into films and pop culture movies are my passion. JD is one of my top 10 actors watched all of his films except Rum diaries something told me NO… then their Marriage I remember thinking who is this girl she seemed off … then the TMZ ME TOO etc. Never for a second questioned JD innocence. I remember thinking JD pissed off higher powers in Hollywood and MSM and they want him out and after verdict Even more convinced.

  3. I have complete respect for journalists that are being honest like the woman Katy you showed…talking about what I consider an important topic…how we can’t trust our mainstream media to be honest!!! I realized how completely dishonest they were and switched completely to You Tube in the beginning of the pandemic. I guess because I had more time and I found a few amazing creators that I loved watching…and have since found many more across all areas (true crime, more “traditional” news, legal, etc) and I am so happy that I woke up to what is really going on!!

  4. Do you think it would be of benefit to describe how YouTubers are paid to debunk some of the ridiculous amounts AT's trolls keep making?

  5. Fox actually does report News and for the most part they are 70-30 News/agenda based opinion ill even be generous to the lefties and say that fox is 60-40 actual news/agenda based opinion but compared to Left leaning news networks where on a generous estimate are 40-60 actual news/agenda based opinion but reality is more so 30-70 some are even 25/20actual news reporting -75/80 Agenda based Opinion… Fox is the Mainstream news network that maintains the highest rating by newsgaurd certified accuracy out of all MSM networks

  6. The depp/turd – GG comparison may not be far off. In both cases there was the truth, the facts of the matter and then there was what the media was reporting as the truth – and the two were damn near ploar opposites of each other.

  7. If the media would tell the truth let the people arrive at their own conclusions using common sense, like it once almost was. To be honest there has always been that narrative they wanted to push not as obvious as it is now.

  8. I’m really angry @ the MSM! They are not reporting accurate & actual relevant news information. This is going on almost worldwide.
    So Andy I think that you have just as much of aright to report ( after full investigation) exactly what you find.
    Several of the YouTube creators are basically doing the same work that MSM did before they became POLITICALLY ACTIVE ANIMALS!!!!!
    Truth no seems pointless to the MSM but it’s the truth that the majority NOT THE MINORITY want & need to hear.
    The difficulty for MSM journalists is that they have to do what they are told & this appears to be regardless of any truth, lie, or any one else’s opinion.
    Once upon a time you knew which Newspapers were leaning to the right & to the lefts point of view.
    Now anyone will say anything just to increase either circulation or to achieve a particular POLITICAL POINT OF VIEW.
    In the UK , our own Boris Johnson has been removed from office simply because there were other in his own party in Parliament that wanted the only person that had a cats chance in hell of winning the next general election out of his seat because they thought that he was wrong. So far , every time that this has happened, he actually ended up being correct! In political opinion THE COLOUR OF ENVY is always hidden in those that you trusted the most!
    It seems as though theMSM has gone in exactly the same direction!
    You are perfectly correct when you say that Journalists are trying to CREATE ISSUES that aren’t really there because they must have the attention or loose their jobs.
    I agree totally SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ABOUT THE WHOLE SITUATION! By the way ,I always check the number of subscribers so that I KNOW that it’s you,TUG, or anyone else that is being ghosted!!!
    Regards as always, Sam xx

  9. Bottom line is MS journalist are being academic snobs. The core of what they believe is that people cannot think and feel for ourselves. The trial brought to light how much steering is done. They are bringing about their own irrelevance with these tactics.

  10. Amber is probably loving this attention, it keeps her in the news. I guess she cares more about spreading lies than taking care of her daughter and paying Depp back,but,what goes around comes around, she lost the case and wants payback and revenge, sad really

  11. I wholly blame mainstream media for this level of stupidity and ignorance. They are so dishonest and so unreliable as a source of facts and so mixed up in the celebrity, money making, drama machine that people no longer have any belief in them whatsoever and absolutely should NOT have any faith in them. Really, ignore the facts, ignore your own ears and eyes, refuse to use your brain for critical thinking and give into the bullying and pressure to go along with the rubbish these embarrassments are spewing out? When things go to this extreme, there will always be push back and all things cycle through, corrupt themselves and destroy themselves. We are watching "mainstream" media eats itself alive and push, push, push it over the cliff we must and we also need to insure it isn't replaced with different liars and different puppeteers. Use your own ears, eyes and brains and look for reliable sources of information. Who is dealing in facts and who isn't. We can't sit back and lets others do our thinking for us, we need to activate our own brains. Now, let's see what Andy has to say.

  12. I already don't trust MSM. But I wouldn't say MSM was "questioning the conspiracy." I disagree w Ms Tenbarge.They were being extremely dishonest and biased in their coverage, to the level of self-parody imo. It was obvious and infuriating. Insulting tbh. It feels like MSM treats their viewers like they're idiots, but MSM's lies are so obvious that they seem like the idiots! It's super irksome imo

  13. We don't need "both sides", we need facts and different points of view and a willingness to do our own thinking for ourselves and that doesn't mean mindlessly having opinions that aren't based on facts and critical thinking and pretending that opinions are facts. That's a whole different level of stupid. People need to accept that we are going to be challenging each other and thinking for ourselves. By the way, stop telling us what words they are allowed to use and what words we aren't allowed to use. Pretty soon we won't be allowed to use language and words at all. Letting people use words can only lead to them thinking for themselves and we can't have that.

  14. It’s funny seeing people just now figuring this out. I and many others have known that main stream media was completely full of shit for over 30 years.

  15. I had doubts about MSM for a long time and up until the trial started. The difference between MSM and SM is incredible in how they reported the trial.
    Unless the real truth comes and bites me on the ass 😤🤔

  16. I honestly think you need to stop making videos about her regardless of what MSM is projecting. It only keeps her in the headlines when you respond to their nonsense.

  17. Always heard and felt some skepticism about main stream media. After watching the Depp/Heard trial it was undeniable. With my own eyes and ears I was to witness main street media spewing straight up lies .

  18. I didn't realize MSM was so malicious and biased until the Depp trial. Watching them twist what I saw with my own eyes was shocking. They know millions watched the trial and how many saw through AHs lies and they still tried to spin their own narrative. I believe they lost a lot of peoples trust during this (and there wasn't many left that trusted them)

  19. I have a hard time listening to Kayleigh McEnany. I was so perplexed that this woman who professes to be a follower of Christ, was all in on Trumps propaganda machine when she worked for him. Did she ever sit back and question anything Trump said or did? She used to have misgivings about Trump being a serious contender for running for president but sure changed her tune when she saw an opportunity to advance her career. I also have a hard time who comes across as being 100% sure of themselves. Ethics is so low on politics.

  20. i cant find the tweet she wrote about the demographic being women and DV survivors. did she delete it. i wouldnt be surprised, she was basically slamming women and DV survivors in it and no one caught on on her side that thats what she did? or maybe they did and thats why she deleted it

  21. Yeah, did she even watch the trial? She lied about everything! The jury didnt believe her testimony bc all her evidence made her look like the batterer. Her own evidence proved her to be so.

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