Unredacted Emails Finally Reveal the Shocking Truth

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  1. The Q-tard crowd had already got a hold of a lot of the smoking gun documents indicating it was lab grown at the Wuhan Institute of virology in Jan 2020. I came to the conclusion they were right in Feb 2020 when I saw just how hard they were trying to discredit lab origin.

  2. As a toxicologist (retired), hydroxychloroquine is a very safe drug (not clear where the State Media came up with so much "dangerous" toxicity from HCQ– of course at very high non-therapeutic doses all drugs and even table salt and water can kill: "Dose makes the Poison!"– Parcelsus). HCQ has been approved for type II diabetes in India since 2014; it appears as effective as SGLT2 inhibitors, and of course you do not give dangerous, toxic drugs to treat diabetics.
    Efficacy may be a different problem (I have no idea whether HCQ is that effective in Covid), HOWEVER HCQ would not be a good acute treatment. HCQ piles up in tissues (phospholipidosis) before it reaches active therapeutic levels. People traveling to malaria regions used to start HCQ several weeks before exposure to the parasite (mostly resistant nowadays). In the US, lupus and arthritis patients often show no response to HCQ for a month or more (and chronic use, where it can be effective, is also rarely associated with retinal toxicity, requiring yearly eye exams). Prophylaxis use of HCQ MIGHT prevent serious Covid infections and death, but no one would fund Golden Standard studies.
    An Indian friend said it would be difficult to do HCQ studies on Covid in India, since so few are HCQ-naive (takes forever to load and even longer to wash out). Possibly a part of the reason India's Covid death rate is 377 per million and the US's is 3301 per million?

  3. Hi Chris, i love your videos, but can you please make the next video without this big mega huge subtiles? They feel very offensive and stop me watching your videos. What you say with your facts has enoiugh value you dont need these big writings.

  4. Ralph Baric and Peter Daszak were not included in the government conversations about this, but they also did not come out in public and set the record straight.
    You, Dr. Martenson, are the only real scientist I have heard any of this from.
    There were some medical doctors that came out against treatments and the way hospitals were handling the pandemic and they were fired. Medical doctors are not scientists; they are technicians who are supposed to diagnose problems and fix them. That's what my auto mechanic does to my car. Sure, medicine is more complex than a car, but there is no scientific method or research done on individual patients.

  5. What was advocated as hypothesis once is now distinct probability. Hats off to this doctor, sleuth. Who's actually going to care however, apart from lovers of truth, is another depressing chapter that awaits us. Good luck to you all – this is a barbarous, illogical world. Time for a moral, courageous leader

  6. “Gain of function” is hype propaganda. A small quantity of pure infectious clone of any virus will make people very sick. RNA viruses are not stable. These FOIA documents are misdirection. You will never see the secret DoD/CIA documents.

  7. there is a clear need for a trial, the cover up on this feels like a orson wells novel. the supression of any discussion around this topic means there are people who clearly have knowledge about the implications and are ,minimum, payed to cover this up for others who have the intent to profit on the harm from a ongoing pandemic.

  8. The government is fucking corrupt top to bottom. You people can go on with your fantasy that the government is going to prosecute its co-conspirators till you are blue in the face. Nothing will happen. “Oh I’ll vote harder next time , you’ll see!!” The Apostle Paul says we are to revere our Masters in Government because it is ordained by God…….trust the Plan , Trumps after Hillary in the sewers, God has a plan. ……….

  9. I said all this stuff almost exactly a year ago on a Canadian forum (which has a misleading name in some ways) and was banned. When I complained to the CEO I got a nasty very woke email back. Was on that forum for twenty years with over 65k posts.

  10. COVID-19 “Science” Questions:

    How did computer geek Bill Gates become the world health czar, who decided every person on the planet must be “vaccinated” and be given a unique identification number? Why did Gates appear on several news networks where they asked for his opinion?

    Did Dr. Anthony Fauci write an article printed in the Washington Post during 2011 which advocated for “Gain-of-Function” research in viruses? Did Fauci say it was a risk worth taking?

    Why did NIH resume funding of Gain of Function research in viruses during December of 2017?

    Did Dr. Ralph Baric at UNC Chapel Hill perform “Gain-of-Function” research on Corona viruses?

    The following comes from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

    Patent No: US 9,884,895 B2


    Applicant: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Inventor: Ralph Baric

    Date Filed: Mar. 20, 2015

    Date of Patent: Feb. 6, 2018

    If you do not think there is an effective anti-viral medication for COVID-19, read the article in the link below from 2005, now on the CDC’s website. Then ask yourself… Why was this drug ignored?

    {Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread (}

    Several of the doctors involved in this study worked for the CDC. See the concentrations and conclusion of page 9. The concentrations used were the same as those currently used to treat Malaria…

    Why did Fauci ignore the immunity produced in those who had COVID infections and survived?

    Why did Fauci ignore the many people injured and killed by the mRNA shots?

  11. You guys are missing even bigger reveal.
    An email dated May 12th from Russel Viner in response to a proposed study on "Long COVID"
    He states that the UK would not be good for the study because of "concern that some of the arms MAY NOT be appropriate for this potentially post-covid syndrome -e.g. HCQ or Azithromycin. THE STANDARD TREATMENT"
    So as of May 12th 2020 the UK was using HCQ and Azithromycin as a STANDARD TREATMENT excluding them from a POST COVID Study.
    Why is this date important?
    On March 19th 2020 Trump announces that he is requesting the FDA to approve the use of HCQ.
    March 20th 2020 Fauci responds "The Answer is NO" when asked about the approving HCQ.
    So Faucci says NO to HCQ the media jump on that, Governors threaten to remove medical licenses in their states if any doctor prescribes HCQ for COVID.
    Study's are rejected, current study's are canceled and any study that was done cannot be published.
    However two months later the UK is using HCQ as their STANDARD TREAMENT.

  12. Chris, you are absolutely correct in your characterization of people being either good or evil. Those responsible for coverups and lying and misleading the world about the truth and Science of Covid are not good people. It goes beyond greed, power, and control. It is evil on so many levels and evil in it’s basic form.

  13. Now you are talking Baric is probably the culprit, since the GOF was performed before 2015 and published in 2015. not 2018 ( maybe also)
    Published: 09 November 2015 all experiments done at the university of North Carolina.
    A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence.

    Baric stated: Here we examine the disease potential of a SARS-like virus, SHC014-CoV, which is currently circulating in Chinese horseshoe bat populations1. Using the SARS-CoV reverse genetics system2, we generated and characterized a chimeric virus expressing the spike of bat coronavirus SHC014 in a mouse-adapted SARS-CoV backbone.

    The team: V.D.M. designed, coordinated and performed experiments, completed analysis and wrote the manuscript. B.L.Y. designed the infectious clone and recovered chimeric viruses; S.A. completed neutralization assays; L.E.G. helped perform mouse experiments; T.S. and J.A.P. completed mouse experiments and plaque assays; X.-Y.G. performed pseudotyping experiments; K.D. generated structural figures and predictions; E.F.D. generated phylogenetic analysis; R.L.G. completed RNA analysis; S.H.R. provided primary HAE cultures; A.L. and W.A.M. provided critical monoclonal antibody reagents; and Z.-L.S. provided SHC014 spike sequences and plasmids. R.S.B. designed experiments and wrote manuscript.

    Key Laboratory of Special Pathogens and Biosafety, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, China
Xing-Yi Ge & Zhengli-Li Shi. 2 of the team from China the rest from elsewhere.

  14. We're still focusing on only the front man. People should read the ZeroHedge article 'Pfizer CEO Blasted By UK Pharma Watchdog'. Then, read ALL the comments, where you will find further links that lead you to the real people and companies responsible. It will blow your mind.

  15. Adjacent to this discussion is one topic that you touched on briefly, but I believe will make headlines further down the road, with accusations pointed retrospectively at Pfizer and Moderna. The spike protein, in it's original and sequentially evolving generations, can enter human cells through other "ports" (receptors). As the morpohology of the S protein continues to morph, especially variations in the binding domains, I'll wager that we will see the presence of (hence entry of) SARS CoV2 in unexpected tissues, perhaps serving as a reservior for continued infection and sequelae. Think you mentioned this (and of course, I just had to comment 🙂 in the summer of 2020.

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