UNREST Erupts After AG Says NO CHARGES In Death of Breonna Taylor, Leftists In Uhaul Deliver Shields

UNREST Erupts After AG Says NO CHARGES In Death of Breonna Taylor, Leftists In Uhaul Deliver Shields. They called it, though one officer was charged with wanton endangerment, none of the officers will be charged in the death of Breonna Taylor.

Already BLM Leftists and Antifa types are delivering shields in a Uhaul, a man was seen trying to pull a gun before other activists and crowd members stop him and talk him down.

Chaos may be coming as leftist unrest is already brewing.

Democrats now own the riots and this will prove Trump and the Republicans right once again.

As we face what may be the worst night of mass rioting since George Floyd, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will have to account for their support for those doing the rioting.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. How do you calm down people who are terrified amid being gunned down by officers for the color of their skin?

    You threaten to remove their access to healthcare by installing a far right judge on the Supreme Court four weeks before a national election.

    There will either be america or a gop. You can’t have both anymore

  2. I know a lot of mistruths have been tossed around but Breonna's case was the most disturbing to me. Being murdered in your own house because of a "whoops, our bad" Scares the shit out of me. The idea that the police went to her apartment and can claim they didn't know it was her apartment shows they were clearly in the wrong.

  3. Let this be a lesson to all the fathers out there don't let your daughter's date drug dealers that like to shoot at cops especially if you're in the room. This damn sure ain't cops fault it is the fault of her decisions of who she put herself around. End of story

  4. Thank you Tim for finally setting the record straight on this matter! Was frustrating for a while watching you work with fake media, but the truth always comes out <3

  5. To me the grand jury got this one right. Only the one officer needed to be charged and it rightly was for the fact that his shots were errant. Any civilian self defense instructor will tell you that you are liable for every bullet even if you are justified in defending against the assailant. Cops ought to be held accountable if their actions endanger innocent people, and nobody in Taylor's apartment was innocent.

  6. I read that 11 witnesses stated that there was no announcement of who they were and only one person in the apartment complex said they heard the police yell "police" once right as they started breaking down the door. Walker claims they were in bed and woke up to the sound of the battering ram.

    Are those details lies?

    Serious question.

  7. Correction Tim: it wasn't "Kenneth Walker's" home, it was only Breonna Taylor's. A perfect example of why you shouldn't cohabitate before marriage lol. Cops had no idea that Walker was present and the man fired a gun outside of an apartment that doesn't belong to him.

  8. Comprehension of nuance is functionally a political test at this point.
    If they can't, guaranteed Leftist. If they can, more likely than not a "Far Right Racist Fascist Sexist Nazi Bigot White Supremacist" according to the Leftists.