Unsealed Documents CONFIRM FBI Plot Against Trump Staff, Michael Flynn, Agents Sought To TRAP Flynn

Unsealed Documents CONFIRM FBI Plot Against Trump Staff, Michael Flynn, Agents Sought To TRAP Flynn. As the investigation into the origins of Russiagate continue a picture emerges that there was serious malintent on the part of the FBI.

Bill Barr has said there is more here than just sloppiness.

A newly unsealed document shows FBI talking about their strategy to get Michael Flynn to lie in order to prosecute him or to get him fired.

The last part is the crazy part. Why would FBI care to get someone fired from their job? That seems to have nothing to do with enforcing the law or going after Trump over the Russia investigation.

Democrats rallied with media for years over the false claims and innocent people were hurt because of it.

It now seems that Flynn was set up and was innocent of any wrongdoing the whole time

Will John Durham bring indictments soon?


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Obama & his Admin were the least transparent Admin in Modern history. Warmongers, quick Clinton Cartel Machine studies. A criminal Admin that hated Gen Flynn over his terrorism testimony & loathes TRUMP (watch Obama roast Trump at WH Press Correspondents dinner). I will let you in on Trump supporters knowledge of this situation. Lynch, Susan Rice, Comey worked at Hogan & Hartson with Hubble. Clinton's hired them. Mueller although Republican is a dirty cop & has been a long time DS fixer for Bush, Clinton's and Obama's. Holder is dirty. Strzok, Page, McCabe, Preistap,Brennan & Clapper, Rice dirty. Utube Spygate 1&2 Dan Bongino or Gregg Jarrett Russian Hoax & Witchhunt. OBAMA's Rising Star which exposes his nefarious connections. Obamas are corrupt af with the Clintons. Watch Clinton Cash, Clinton Chronicles and

  2. Sadly nothing will happen. Nobody will get fired. Nobody's going to prison. I'm glad the truth out there but will that fix Flynn's families lives?

  3. And we all should be asking ourselfs this very simple question; why ONLY NOW are we able to see those Documents ?!?….its been 4 YEARS since this happened, is Christopher Wray an Honest broker?…the Damage has been done and they HOPED this would fly under the Radar after so long?…the FBI Leadership is STILL Corrupt?

  4. You have to give a lot of respect toTim pool for not being a huge Trump supporter but being willing to admit there's some serious biased against him. Everyone should be that honest if not with everyone else at least with yourself

  5. Get over yourself Tim, there is a deep state and always has been. Thank Dulles from CIA and COG planning and scheming. Also SES, Senior Executive Services.

  6. All these dirty cops need to sit in front of a jury. Defend themselves against the unlimited resources of the federal government. Their pathetic lives can still be useful. If found guilty I demand maximum sentence!

  7. So… Wheres the 'Greatest country in the world, muh freedoms an rights an shit' bit come in? Seems you have criminals crewing the FBI and no one bats an eye. So who does and does not receive all of these magical American rights? And who gets to make that call because it sure seems like the FBI is entirely above these laws provided they are sneaky enough to kind of cover it up. Wheres the public outcry? Would the outcry even be noticed or responded to? Just keep believing you have more genuine freedom then anyone else and you will never know to reach for it.

  8. I just found this from a notification I just got so subs and likes seem to be helping to get your content to the people that want to see it.

  9. the note clearly said letting him lie or getting a confession are both fine. the first article you have details this out. the note is describing a win win scenario for the investigators. nobody tricked flynn into lying, he did that on his own and the fbi was ready for it. Do you actually believe the shit you're selling or do you just realize propaganda makes money?

  10. Plot twist: Flynn actually trapped the FBI; why would he answer questons the FBI obviously know the answers to, of course Flynn knows not to talk to FBI without a lawyer, he's not in that position for no reason.

  11. Good take on it, Tim, I appreciate your efforts to get to the truth. Been victim to it myself. The “criminal justice system” is no longer, and hasn’t been for a long time, about right or wrong, good or bad, truth or lies. It’s about money and power, who has it, who wants it and who will do whatever it takes to, no matter the consequences, get and hold onto that power and control so they can rule in a maniacal manner. Kill, steal and destroy.
    Thanks for what you do, stay upright my friend. Integrity matters.

  12. No1 suspect Semite subversive treasonous seditious scum 5th coloumists Washington post Nytimes CNN MSNBC
    These vile MSM think they are the government.
    Washington post Nytimes CNN..all puppets of Mossad

  13. And don’t overlook or forget, folks, the FBI told General Flynn if he didn’t plead guilty, they would build a bogus case, indict Flynn’s son and throw him in prison. They cut a side deal with Covington and Burling, whom Eric Holder works for, and the agreement was to keep it secret from the court. I cannot stress to you just how highly illegal this action is. Feloniously, maliciously, unethically illegal! Guido case. If the government hides exculpatory evidence or conceals side deals for testimony in a case, they will get in so much trouble for it their heads will roll. We shall see, but obviously the whole upper echelons of DOJ/FBI are/were as rotten as a barge load of shrimp sitting in a hot August sun for a month.

  14. The FBI was looking into concerns that Flynn was undermining Obama foreign policy with Russia (which he was because FBI had evidence of it) and lied about it…twice. Once to the FBI and to Mike Pence. He then pleaded guilty. Stop trying to make it out to be something its not. When you have evidence against someone, forming a strategy to get them to either admit to the evidence or lie about their involvement is not ground breaking by a longshot. Its basically the strategy of every prosecutor in the world…