Unsegregated Haircuts @Treason House on Treason Day

Written by Marty Focker


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  1. The police need to remember that they are also Australians and this is important because we will not forget the individuals that apposed us when the Nuremberg 2.0 trials begin and just like the original Nuremberg trials obeying orders will not be an excuse.

  2. Been a joke in NSW, too. I am finally, able to go and get a haircut on Friday. I will never forget, how unvaccinated people have been treated by our Premier, Health Minister, Police, Prime Minister, and from a lot of vaccinated peep's around here, treating me as a second class citizen in my own town, state, and country. I haven't been vaccinated yet, due to ill health from chronic health conditions, and some major medication changes for me to adjust to physically. I am not, an Anti Vaccinator. It was supposed to have been our choice, but it's feeling like it is mandatory. They should of just declared that, at the beginning of these vaccinations coming out. Be good to eventually be able to eat out again, freely shop, and not be segregated from the community. Mel, from NSW 😚

  3. 2:10 look at these idiots chocking on a Chinese mask that’s riddled with bacteria and chemicals. Chemicals that are proven to be carcinogenic in some Chinese masks. But google fact checking deleting all facts

  4. I wish I knew about this before I got my haircut at the hairdresser in Hughesdale on the RDA Business register. Those idiots did a terrible haircut which will take months to grow out enough to fix…

  5. What a sight.. I'm trying to imagine just how awkward I would feel as a copper standing behind people getting a haircut. I understand that the majority of cops are hoping that they'll be able to return to actual police work someday, that's why they keep following orders… but I'm quite confident that if I was a cop and was asked to stand behind people getting haircuts, I'd turn my badge and find more rewarding, constructive work. Really curious to know wtf is going on in their minds while they stand there..

  6. For the life of me I will never accept that the most despised tyrant in Victoria could deliberately set out to destroy Melbourne which we were all proud to say was the most liveable city in the world. We the people will never forgive or forget the lives of far too many you have pulverised Daniel Andrews mp. You are a control freak. A dictator we don't want or need. But your day will come. This is the day I know so many of us long for. 🙏

  7. Australian Labor party =Australian communist party how dare you Evil Andrew's my grandfather went to war for freedom &Prick Like you thinks it's okay to take our tights away. Hurry up Election day

  8. It's unbelievable that people are not allowed the dignity of a haircut simply because they haven't had a needle in their arm… We have some really nasty inhumane people running this country.

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