Unvaccinated vs Vaccinated PROTECTION from COVID – Qatari Cohort | New Studies

Vaccinated Vs. Unvaccinated Qatari Cohort (New Studies)

As promised, here is the lecture for the comparison of protection offered by vaccine vs., natural infection in Qatar’s population. Let’s review.

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URL list from Friday, Jul. 15 2022

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One coronavirus infection wards off another — but only if it’s a similar variant

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Long COVID risk falls only slightly after vaccination, huge study shows


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  1. I had DELTA, and was exposed to Omicron twice (9 months later, living in the same household, no precautions taken) and never got sick. Unvaccinated. Anecdotal.

  2. I am glad I didn't get vaccinated as I have somehow been resistant to catching flu (last time I had flu was 1987). Last cold was 2013. It does seem like everyone I know who are contracting covid, have been vaccinated. Dr. Mobeen's question – What will be the severity of those unvaccinated people contracting covid now? I am thinking that the stage of Omicron we are at will make a key difference. Less virulent than Alpha, Delta for many. Of course so many factors are at play, though.

  3. I've been saying it since they rolled out the vaccines. Conspiracy theorists from the start said that the vaccines would make you immunocompromised. These were not dopes but were credible people.

  4. So at some point following two vaccinations the protection becomes negative. That is what the UK Vaccine Surveillance Report started to show at the start of the year. The government then put 'explanations' on the figures to say that they did not show what it looked like they showed. Then at the end of April (I think) they stopped publishing the figures completely.

  5. Got omicron on fifth month 2022
    Was busted with Moderna early yanuary 2022
    Have only 37,2C" for one dey….and 2-3 deys of a bit runy nose..few koghts.
    In general was fealing prity good…no nead for rest ore bad….was abble to do enething at all.
    It was in all …something like realy easy…short cold.
    Have allmost 61….dentist…no comorbitites….blood type 0+
    What helps me to go trough so easely?!?
    Am I now protected for a year…at list from hard desesse?!?

  6. The 93% protection from serious disease after infection by the unvaccinated appears to beg more questions. Did infection provide protection from severe disease, or would 93% of those who survived the fist wave already safe from severe disease from the virus? Did we really need to try to vaccinate 100% of humans when only 7% would have been at risk? Also, what characteristics do the 7% with sever reinfection share with each other?

    At this stage, it is difficult to defend the missing data as not being intentionally hidden.
    Those interested in assembling any data that potentially does not support the desired narrative won't receive any funding for the research, and any results will be buried.
    The underlying raw data is not nearly as homogeneous as the recommendations being presented.
    Are authorities merely wishing to capitalize on the trust in researchers and medical professionals until it is exhausted, or are they deliberately attempting to destroy that trust for some other reason?

    Having had mild cases of the original strain and the first omicron with no vaccine while being over 50, I am less concerned with the disease than how it is being managed.

  7. @tom I’m glad you’ve made your own conclusions but you will not convince someone to get the vaccines with censorship and not showing actual data about vaccine reactions. And I agree a lot of people did get vaccinated and had no reaction. But there are some who did and they will not show the data.

  8. It is so sad to hear this, I am on the cusp of being categorised a high risk patient, but mostly based on age. I practice a low inflammatory diet vigorously, and use natural supplements and apply moderate exercise. I am unvaccinated and contracted Omicron BA2 naturally, it lasted just 4 days, then I was well into recovery. It would seem very difficult to even call these jabs vaccines at all. I know a number of friends who are all jabbed multiple times and have suffered badly and worse than me. I’ll let you make your own choice, as I did. If you are in a high risk group and suffer other complications then vaccination is probably the way to go. But I don’t plan to take these jabs given the longer term unknowns, which are starting to come to light. My combination of functional medicine combined with science appears to work very well.

  9. Thank you Sir, you make the data digestible. I feel that I now have a pretty clear understanding of these issues. Just a shame that the overwhelming majority of people are totally ignorant of all of this.

  10. anyone who reads Robert Kennedy's book about Fauci and Kill Gates will certainly think twice about getting jabbed. The corruption/ greed and overall illegal activities by govts around the world is astounding. I look forward to the day when the masses rise up and take back their countries from these treasonous bastids

  11. I’m still not vaccinated, 40 years old, and this data provides further proof that I made the right decision. I exercise 6 days per week, eat a balanced diet, and supplement daily with vitamin D. I have never had symptomatic COVID, yet I have travelled during the pandemic. I have been to Florida in 2019, 2020, and 2021. Free of the mask mandates, I have been to DisneyWorld last year, being in crowded indoor spaces, and still no symptomatic infection or problems at all. Exercise, diet, and Vitamin D has an impact and has also been studied as well.

  12. Is this really about the effectiveness of vaccine or a virus that has been allowed to adapt to a population where half of the people chose to remain unvaccinated and entire populations of poor nations were denied protection?

  13. Given all the bad news coming out about those having taken the jab and not knowing the long term effects of it, I'm glad I chose not to take it, I've had COVID, it was ok…felt rough for a week. All this extra jabbing with a supposed jab only designed for the original strain kind of makes no sense for current and future strains, and we still don't know the long term effects.

  14. These videos are so misleading. The vaccines were for alpha we are now in the variant ba-5. When the vaccines are updated just like flu vaccines we will have the same kind if protection we had during the delta wave.

  15. I have an interesting want to know. Had original in 3 2020. Got Pfizer 2 dose, but no boosters at all. Did have long covid. Shots helped memory but thats it. Other issues remain. Where do we stand. Think I had mild infection a few months back. Version don't know. In USA

  16. Here is a medical question that I feel has not been given attention. So we understand that the vaccine is not localised in the shoulder and transcribes spike proteins which have been found in various organs and other parts of the body. So what happens when an unvaccinated and covid free person comes into contact with a vaccinated person? Say they drink from the same cup, kiss, sexual contact or have a blood transfusion?

  17. It makes a mockery of the US refusing to allow those unvaccinated who have had Covid – such as Novak Djokovic – who are more protected than those who have been vaccinated. Players at Wimbledon Tennis this summer have had to withdraw due to having Covid – and who are vaccinated. A Follow-up question, are unvaccinated people likely to spread Covid more than those who have been vaccinated?

  18. I’ve been watching your presentations since the onset of the pandemic. For the first time I hear you saying anything against the main stream media and “acceptable” norm. Congratulations sir! Better late than never 🙏

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