Unvaccinated Women Banned From IVF Treatment In Scotland


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  1. I am of two minds here. I know I'm going to catch flack here, but fuck it – If you're unable to conceive because of genetic or physiological issues, you shouldn't have children, you're just likely damning your children to the same fates and potentially more complications. That is a personal decision tough, not mine to make. If something were to happen due injury then it should absolutely be available. Meanwhile if people are willing to pay, and of sound mind, and there a doctor willing to accept the risks – fucking go for it. Taking anything away from somebody that otherwise would have earned it, is ethically and morally wrong. I would never revoke these treatments to anybody, and I would never choose to use it.

  2. My body, my choice, my body, my choice….. Where are the libtards sjws now?… Will they be asking amnesty international to 'campaign' against this?……. A resounding, cowardly silence…..

  3. I do think people who chose not to be unvaccinated should miss out on some things but this isn't one of them. You made a good point that they may have been advised not to get vaccinated due to their situation e.g. medical exemption.

  4. Women that are trying to be/ are pregnant are prevented from taking tonnes of products/ medication/ vaccines due to there being not enough research and data to support it being safe, things that have been around for decades. Yet discriminating based on a brand new vaccine all the sudden seems A Ok for the most vulnerable things on the planet (gestating offspring)

  5. What is worse is how can she trust those MDs to not sabotage her procedure even if she is eventually able to get the treatment? these people think trust is fucking endless I swear

  6. The Scottish should rethink their government. At this point, I would say violence is perfectly justified. They robbed these women (and their men) of their money and refuse to provide the service they used as justification. And if anyone stood between me and the possibilty of having a child like this, I would say I have nothing left to live for and might as well take some evil fuckers with me.

  7. I disliked Scotland and the Scots; the place I found wet and the people rude. They had the fine qualities which bore me – thrift and industry and long-faced holiness, and the young women are mostly great genteel boisterous things who are no doubt bedworthy enough if your taste runs that way. (One acquaintance of mine who had a Scotch clergyman’s daughter described it as like wrestling with a sergeant of dragoons.) The men I found solemn, hostile, and greedy, and they found me insolent, arrogant, and smart.

  8. This is to get ahead of the curve so there's no comparable data of IVF success rates between those with and without the vaccine. Mark my words, success rates will decline and it will be blamed on COVID, not the vaccines. Difficult to tell the difference in people who have had both but if you get rid of people who haven't then it's much easier to obscure the two.

  9. If normal people had any say in politics outside of voting that doesn't matter anyway, people who come up with such brilliant laws would be hanged for treason.

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