Unvaccinated Workers Win $10 Million Settlement, And More News

$10 million settlement for workers forced to have COVID shots

A few kool beens have been suggesting for a review of the legal matters related to the vaccine mandates. Let’s review the headlines. I am not a lawyer, neither is this my area of expertise, hence just a review of the headlines and not the mechanisms 🙂

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URL list from Friday, Dec. 9 2022

Vaccine Mandates by State: Who is, Who isn’t, and How? – LeadingAge

Statement by Dr. Paul Marik on the Dismissal of Lawsuit Against FDA Over Ivermectin – FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

Congress set to rescind COVID-19 vaccine mandate for troops | AP News

US military braces for impact of covid vaccine mandate repeal | CNN Politics

Vaccine mandate: Navy SEALs who sued Biden administration win relief from federal judge – The Washington Post

CA Lawmakers Propose Bill to Punish Doctors Who Speak Against COVID Treatment ‘Consensus’ – California Globe

(18) New Civil Liberties Alliance on Twitter: “We’re suing Gov. Newsom & the CA Medical Board over efforts to censor doctors. “CA’s new ‘misinformation’ law is the result of an increasingly censorious mentality that has gripped many lawmakers in this country,” said @Leftylockdowns1. @CaliforniaGlobe:” / Twitter

California Doctors Sue Gov. Newsom and Medical Board over New Law Censoring Medical Advice – California Globe

California Doctors Sue Gov. Newsom and Calif. Medical Board over New Law Censoring Medical Advice – New Civil Liberties Alliance

$10 million settlement announced for workers forced to take COVID shots –

New York judge reinstates workers fired over covid vaccine mandate – The Washington Post

NYC judge tells city to rehire workers fired for refusing vaccination

Unvaccinated employee wins unfair dismissal case


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  1. wvwry worker being re hired should decline. there needs to be a law world wide so this vsnnot happen again. they can't fire u and then ask u to go back tonwork after destroying and slandering you. it's disgusting

  2. It is very good that the vaccine mandate for military will be rescinded. We do not need their health impaired! A win for sanity! As an aside, the drug stores and county health departments are still pushing the vaccines and boosters here. They must get some kind of kick-back for each shot they give. It needs to stop, especially for young children. I fear for what will happen for those children vaxxed in the future. I know of young women who had severe female problems after the vax. I know of adults who are very sick after their boosters. It's so sad.

  3. “Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the
    act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.”

    – AYN RAND

  4. right… I doubt this will go to peopel actually affects. I mean the women oppresison movemetn and the white is evil and white males are the devil has affected my life… presently there is no mediation for this violation and I was denied council and al awyer and law and justice when seeking out to sue… culprits invovle.d

  5. Brilliant update Dr Been, we the unvaccinated knew this outcome would present itself once true results of this untested vaccination mandate was proven to be against the constitution, our civil rights and religious standards. Great stuff, stay tuned as the whole world will be systemically sued bit by bit by the people.

  6. 7:45 If you seek to punish those who question consensus or highlight its flaws, then it is not consensus anymore. It becomes dogma. Then it becomes faith. It then has left the realm of science.

  7. Medical Records are already open. If you are on something like my chart, you are in something called Care everywhere. This is linked to other countries. Epic, my chart, etc. There are hundreds and you are OPTED IN.

  8. Is it just me or does that sound so ridiculous making a soldier take a vaccine because it's supposed to save his life. then why the F are we going to war on every other country with total disregard for life.

  9. I pray that all doctors and biologists and micro scientists all over the world stand up and Sue all those who will push this propaganda on the people!! I also pray that the pure blood centers will open up very soon for those who are having surgeries! All of this reminds me of my body my choice when it was said for the wrong reason and the media and the governments around the world backed it up!! My body my choice should be said for the right reasons! This is the right reason! Right??

  10. U have been a comfort, my doctor/ friend was vexed then sudden death after verification of the VIRUSES TRUTH. Our relationship had been irroded by these education money flow wisdom, church charity community correctors and behavioral personality projectioneers. The community hasn't got a thimble of what u have.thnx

  11. The mandate in Washington is for State employees too. The primary series is still a job requirement even today. I work from home and was required to get vaccinated. I was injured and now the governor (Jay Inslee) refuses to meet with the injured. The state is now offering a $1,000 bonus to get a booster. The governor tried to mandate it but had to back pedal.

  12. I am mesmerized on how much corruption and lies are being pushed freely to the American people under the umbrella of corrupt Big Pharma corporations and the government….How is this possible????? How is that such a great, amazing powerful country, made of wonderful talented people from all over the world, became so sick and dangerous, where money and power corrupted everything…So sad…

  13. I’d just like to add here, The Quakers and The Amish haven’t had any Covid that we know of, and if they did get any virus, they healed themselves with earthly health through plants, and also in their focused prayers and meditations. Of course, neither watch TV, or the news, or read newspapers outside their communities. So they are not programmed like the rest of the USA, and other countries. Use the mind for your best health and self!!!

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