Unvaxxed Child Less Risk Of Serious COVID Than Vaxxed 70 Year Old

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DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines, treatments, or administrative techniques may conflict with health authorities.

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  1. It’s disturbing that so many comments aren’t talking about trying these officials and drug pushers for crimes against humanity. Crowds pulling them out of their places of power into the streets.

  2. From the Statistica website: the proportion of all COVID deaths that have occurred in children under 17 is 0.0749%. Or, to put it another way, 99.925% of all deaths were in adults 18 and older. Over 94% were in people 50 and over. Go do the math. It's worse than I thought.

  3. Of course we should vax our children. Also our babes. And our dogs, cats and their fleas. And our food – we should always care for healthy food! And our beds, you would not want to sleep in an unhealthy environment!

  4. Here in Finland so far over 1000 have died with covid. Not one of them was under 30. For people not belonging to the high risk group, it's better to get the virus and buildup life-long immunity. The high risk group could use Ivermectin.

  5. Now the Australian government is claiming that when vaccinated people get co vid, it will be even better because then they'll gain the immunity that the experimental injectables don't provide. So why are people all losing their jobs if they don't accept the jabs, again? There's something in those "vaccines" that the powers that be want in every single person's body and 22% of what is in the Pfizer version is a proprietary secret.

  6. I have two young children who go to school in California. They both had Covid over the summer which amounted to two days of mild cold symptoms. Now they have (superior) immunity. They are still going to be forced to take the shots to continue going to school. As a parent, this is horrifying.

  7. A fit 70-year old that is not vaccinated against Cov-2 has a similar immunity to an unvaccinated five-year-old because both rely on their innate and complementary immune systems that are well capable to take care of the Cov-2 virus and any variants. The 5-year-olds because they have a very strong natural killer T cell response and the 70-year-olds because of the similarity between the epitopes of Cov-2 and those of the common coronaviruses that cause the common cold. Vaccination diminishes these systems. This was demonstrated with an mRNA vaccine for SAR-CoV-1 which when given to elderly ferrets that mimic the human lung and they were then infected with the virus they all died such that vaccinating the elderly is not a good idea they need antiviral medication plus vitamin D3, zinc Vitamin C and selenium to boost their immune response. Antibody count does not determine the level of immunity as it is normal for them to decline otherwise the blood would be too thick with them to flow. It is the CD4 memory B cell and the CD8 cytotoxic T cell counts that matter along with the function of the innate and complementary systems and these are not being measured except in research studies that show they are higher with natural immunity.

  8. He's a liar. There it is. He's useless. Come on y'all he lied with everything and took us for our money. Well not me. But good JAB 💉 He's rich and well un-jabbed, I'm sure.

  9. I like Jimmy but WTF? Talkshow hosts ridiculing and cherry picking reports. Cherry picking sentences to prove his narrative doesn’t really bode well. It’s like challenging that wearing seatbelt does not reduce the risk of accidental deaths from automobile accidents near zero. So why in for seatbelt laws? It’s unconstitutional and it must be left at the discretion and freedom of the drivers.

  10. Basic immunology textbooks show antibody measurements are not a predictor of disease protection. The presence/creation of B-cells and T-cells are. Why use antibody measurements, because they are an acute reaction product that is then dramatically reduced and sometimes eliminated in 1 to 4 months after infection. By measuring antibody decline we make people believe they need another vaccine, another intervention when studies on B-cells and T-cells as well as actual clinical outcomes for post covid show otherwise except for those with significant risk factors (immune suppression which often leads to lack of B-cell and T-cell production no matter initial antibody levels). Research on kids have shown vaccine harm (heart complications), not benefit: too underpowered to show benefit as healthy kids almost never get severe disease (also confirmed in pan-Canadian study). That is why the JCVI (UK experts on vaccination say only obese kids and with comorbidities should be considered). Also, FDA has a horrible safety record with nearly 33% of accepted as safe medications either getting a black box warning or being pulled from the market in the years that follow since their main funding became pharma. Trust them with your kids as they hid for more than a decade that Gerber, Walmart and other multinationals had levels of mercury, cadmium, lead and arsenic often over 100 times the legal limit in baby food – increasing neurological issues such as attention and behavioral issues as well as cancer risk (we went from a 5% lifetime risk less than 10 years ago to 47% today with estimates of soon reaching 80%. Thanks, FDA.

  11. Max nailed it. The covid crisis is sqid ink for the one world government biosecurity control grid. The totalitarian tip toe continues and people are still fighting over mask mandates. It's pretty alarming, if you're paying attention.

  12. some news jimmy After reports in four Nordic countries of the heart inflammation condition myocarditis, the FDA has delayed a decision on the Moderna COVID-19 shot for kids between the ages of 12 to 17, The Wall Street Journal reports.

    This month the shot was closing in on a nod, the newspaper reports, but now officials are taking a closer look at the vaccine's safety profile.

    The move comes after four countries—Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden—recommended against use of the Moderna shot by those under the age of 30. Some countries have said that young people should instead get the Pfizer vaccine.

  13. Can someone help me out with this debate? What do you say to someone who is okay with mandates because we already mandate other vaccines for children to go to public school? How do you tell them this is different?

  14. Children are disease carriers and disease spreaders..much more than adults. If anyone should be vaccinated it should be the breeders, wannabe breeders and their spawn. Overpopulation due to selfish breeding is the root-cause of the worlds worst problems. Breeders don't give a crap that their selfish spawning causes pandemics, wars and less resources for the masses and so higher costs for the masses which caused Millions to become homeless. Basic Economics. Breeders either are not smart enough to understand the of Supply vs Demand or they don't give a crap about anybody except themselves.  What kind of person FORCES more children into existence that NEVER asked to be born while there are MILLIONS of orphans desperately waiting to be adopted for FREE?  If you want children, please don’t create more deaths(birth leads to death), Please adopt orphans instead.

  15. Under no circumstances will I be getting another mRNA shot. I had my third shot and it made me very ill, not ill enough to kill or hospitalize, but sick enough for it to not be safe to get it again. It's taken nearly two weeks for me to get better. I have had many vaccines due to travel and have never had severe side effects like I have had post-Pfizer shot. Mandates are not good public policy. Good luck everyone I would leave California if I had kids.

  16. 😃😙😃😙😃😋😙😃😙😃😋😙😃😋😙😃😚😍😋😚😍😍😚😋😋😍😚😋😄😚😚😍😚😍😚😍😋😍😚😋😍😋😍😚😚😍😎😊😄😎😊😄😊😍😍

  17. As they line up the 5 year olds for their injection, here is their eulogy in the form of a limerick:
    There once was a venom named Jab
    That had friends who had thoughts that were bad
    They lined up the children
    And jabbed them and killed them
    And parents were heart broken sad

  18. My kids are 6 and 9 years old. They both are on a track and field team and are healthy and fit. The day godzilla swims up the NY harbor and starts blasting away with its laser at everything in his path, is the day me and my kids will get the vaccine. Meanwhile i will continue to work on their endurance and push them in their track n field training so that they keep winning medals at whatever tourney league the coach sends them to compete. Thank You Jimmy Dore.

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