Unvaxxed National Guard Replacing Unvaxxed Medical Workers!?!

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. Unfortunately the audio file we recorded through the sound board at the venue was corrupted and we had to use the audio from the cameras and the audience mic. Our apologies & thanks for putting up with the sub par audio.

  2. Jimmy @ 1:18, "There's still people who think that our government had the brains to bring down the Twin Towers." That''s not the conclusion you should come to. An obvious conclusion is that our government couldn't care less about our "health." Therefore, a rational person should question every government response to Covid including the "vaccines." The fact that our rulers have gotten billions of people to take these gene therapies which will be still in clinical trials until 2023 (that is, they are still experimental), is not a sign of stupidity. Bringing up the Twin Towers just shows the limited hangout that the Jimmy Dore Show is. Jimmy why are you still a left gatekeeper?

  3. They're still saying that the injection actually cures anything.
    And it's being said SO often, and so unchallenged, that a frightening number of you are swallowing it.
    Or believing that constantly repeated "hundreds of thousands of deaths" lie.
    When the statistics are flat lies (with paid incentives to do so), it exposes the lie of the entire scam.

  4. You really can’t get anymore authoritarian than this without declaring Martial Law. It’s quite funny how America sees itself as the “land of the free.” Those days are gone baby. Get used to monopolistic corporate USMICA control aka communism for y’all & capitalism for the rich.

  5. I'm a medic in the national guard and our training does cover intubation, im a little confused that he thinks we're untrained although the vast majority of medics in the military work in health care outside of the military and we are certified just like any other nurse/paramedic

  6. Is this the only prominent liberal left who is actually worth a shit and not insane?

    I am a right leaning centrist and I absolutely love this guy. I don’t agree with half the shit he says, but he can logically defend his ideals, and isn’t afraid to hold his party accountable.

  7. They fire nurses with strong immunity from covid and replace them with nurses who have low immunity from the vax. How does this make sense? Can you imagine a better way to solve the looming collapse of pension funds, Social Security funds, Medicare funds, than an injection that eliminates retirees when they hit 70 years old? … an injection marketed as a vaccine but it induces Alzheimer’s which will not manifest until age 70. (There is evidence for this).

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