Unvaxxed Patient DENIED Kidney Transplant

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  1. One of the many downfalls of the private healthcare system. No-one is denied a transplant or is their place on the waiting list affected by not being vaccinated in any country with a national health (single payer) system. In the U.S. it depends on your state and your insurance :/

  2. Medicare for all will NOT save lives. What saves lives is healthier living, exercise and boosting immunity through exercise. 78% of those hospitalized were overweight/obese. Has nothing to do with nationalized healthcare when you treat yourself like crap

  3. All the thumbs down people are also the same ones who say where's the compassion when talking about people who have unprotected sex getting AIDS. You wanna call people who don't trust the vax stupid and deny them care, but somehow that rule doesn't apply to people engaging in high risk sex. They knew what they were getting themselves into so by your rules they should die too.

  4. A flu vaccine? What's that? We get a flu shot every year. It's never been called a vaccine before. Why is it being called a vaccine suddenly? WTF?

    And now they are punishing a woman who has logical reasons not to get the jab. And how is she being punished? With death. She's not taking ivermectin instead of the vaccine they keep lying about, which is usually involved with being punished. We've gone from thousands of years of ethical treatment guided by the hippocratic oath to trying to force her to do what they want even though it doesn't make sense and could be dangerous for her to out and out causing her death by not treating her. Once again I have to ask, WTF?

  5. Dumb take. COVID rates are super high in transplant patients and they are on immunosuppressants. Surgeons aren't going to take a kidney from a healthy person and give it to someone at high risk for disease.
    Some people have natural immunity…but what happens when you start taking CellCept or other immune suppressants?
    Y'all don't know what you're talking about.
    Transplant patients have to take a bunch of vaccines: Hep A/B, S. pneumoniae. etc. Sure, these have been around longer but if you're about "bodily autonomy" then you should be against mandated vaccines in general not just new ones.
    My uncle needed a kidney and my other uncle (his brother) was willing to donate. My uncle had multiple myeloma however and the surgeons refused to put the brother through that surgery when the myeloma was likely to damage this kidney too.
    They have discretion about which surgeries they do.
    Fauci and the media can be dishonest and shady but that doesn't mean you have to automatically take a contrarian point of view to everything they say. It's unthinking idiocy.

  6. So, others being hypocritical allows jimmy to be a hypocrite?
    So, is Jimmy anti vax in general of just for rona?
    Would he be crying about tyranny if the polio vaccine mandate was in the news ?

  7. The Orwellian nightmare of us vrs them the politically correct against the deplorables is just part of our warrior culture Demonizing the other as being not quite human beings It’s easier to commit atrocities when your victim isn’t considered human

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