Unvaxxed Teachers’ Pay Gets Cut In Australia As Punishment!

The good news for unvaccinated teachers in the Australian state of Queensland is that they’re being welcomed back into the classroom to teach again. The bad news? For the next 18 weeks their pay is being docked just because they’re unvaccinated. So if it’s safe for them to teach children, what’s the point of cutting their pay? It’s a “dressing down,” say administrators, a way of punishing these teachers for failing to do as they were told when the vaccination dictates were issued.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger marvel at the idea that Australian authorities can get away with such transparently punitive measures.

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  1. What was not mentioned here is the fact that Qld teachers who were unvaccinated, were already stood down without pay for six months before finally being allowed to return to the classroom. The reason why? Because of an extreme shortage of teachers. At my wife's school (before she returned) classes were sometimes doubled up, because of a shortage of supply teachers to cover for the large numbers of sick staff. They have basically been punished twice.

  2. My country Australia has become a FKN joke, or maybe it always was and I didn't notice. People still drive alone in their cars with masks here. Parents have 3 year old kids wear masks. The MSM will make up any story they can to urge people to get jabbed by saying covid leads to a whole host of possible diseases and no one bats an eyelid. My entire family got jabbed and most of them got Covid. I did not get jabbed and I have still yet to get covid. And could this news woman be anymore smug as she reads that disgusting headline? Who I blame are the sheep that went along with this dystopian shit. Hardly any of us spoke up and now we're paying for it.

  3. Jimmy, join the dots and you will see where this is going. Australia has been used as a test bed for new technology for 40 years, especially Adelaide [where I used to work for Xerox], but also Sydney. This is why Australia was always the first to uptake new tech. Seems the WEF have shifted to Brisbane? Now the WEF is testing out its rollout of Totalitarianism in democracies here in Sunny Australia. Please read "In the Interests of the People" on You Tube recent podcasts to get the picture of what is coming to you in the USA. The idea of micro-chipping bank customers and now children, has been recently been floated. If you have teachers who are advising their class not to get micro-chipped, then the WEF needs to nip that one in the bud! Also the claim that the recently defeated PM was a mole for the WEF, it seems in part to secretly roll out the WEF Covid-19 agenda. Will "heads roll" in Australia?

  4. Australia is becoming horrible.
    Pack of Cigarettes $30 for 20pk.
    Dont dare try and grow your own thou, you'll be in more trouble than a Pot grower. Because youve ripped of the Taxman as well you see.
    Aus Govt like the dang Mafia.
    You gotta buy "thier gear", or else.
    "Dont smoke" they say. But if you do your gonna smoke OURS !! Of which about 92% of price is TAX…
    Not about your Health, all about the money ppl, the money…

  5. Jimmy Dore, Im a fan but you’re a total dud with your anti-vax crap. Wake up, fool populist. It was never claimed that the vaccines completely prevent infection, yes they reduce it. The vax main aim is to minimise death and public health system meltdown. Your government and naive anti -vaxxer movement killed a million Americans via a grandiose obsession with personal ‘freedom’. Compare the US stats to Western Australia where we have a 95% vaccination rate, a mere 500 fatalities. A tiny percentage no meltdown in hospitals …

    People should not have the freedom to harm others ie smoking around others, driving around drunk without seatbelts or not accepting a little prick in the arm to protect society from harm.

  6. Huge backlash coming in court in teaching , nursing , policing & public transport etc not to mention private industry here : (
    We have minimum wages guaranteed by the Australian Notional Government & massive union memberships : )

  7. The teachers need to just walk out and leave the education dept to deal with a lack of staff. Perhaps they should set up their own schools or just teach privately. Probably a lot of parents not happy with their kids leaving school functionally illiterate.

  8. The punitive teacher paycut is like a traffic fine. Do you make a song and dance about those. Are they unconstitutional? Haha big joke you made there. Wiping away the tears.

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