Up in the Polls; Hated on the Ground

Have you heard? Daniel Andrews is up in the polls and pundits are predicting the win.

Is that what you’re experiencing on the streets of Melbourne? Or is it a case of ‘up in the polls; hated on the ground’?

Currently, Matt Guy is polling at the exact same level as preferred Premier (34%) 3 months out from the election as Daniel Andrews was 3 months out from the 2014 election where he defeated Napthine.

Everyday conversations with random service workers indicate that Daniel’s premiership has the smell of death about it, so where is his supporter base? Laptop class inner city? Where?

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  1. So they're either trying to basically pull of a psyop by trying to convince people that they're more popular than they really are (i.e. bogus polls), or perhaps they're preparing for a good old election rigging…

    Or, the obnoxiously loud minority of leftists, complimented by legions of NPCs are going all out on the polling… Whatever the case, something stinks in Victoria. But that's nothing new.

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