Update: More concerning Excess Death data from Europe and UK

Update from last video: Let’s look at some of the latest numbers and reports from the England and Europe

UK Government website:


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Written by Dr. Suneel Dhand


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  1. New zealands covid adverse reaction monitor or carm has over 50 ,000 adverse events and nearly 200 deaths.
    The ministry of health states only 3 % is captured as it's a passive system.
    All of us have injured friends and know or know of someone whose passed on the last year.
    Death notices in the local paper were usually 1 or 2 a week.
    Some days there's 5 or more now.

  2. It's really important that the data is read in context of the viruses weakening pathology and thus falling corresponding fatality rates through each variant. Example the wild virus according to the WHO had a fatality rate of 4.1% but Delta in Australia in May 2021 with less than 30% vaccinated had a fatality rate of 0.2%, one fifth of the Hong Kong corona virus of 1%. As to Australia you won't get accurate data because Federal health included people who died with covid in the same data as people who died ' of ' covid. Qatar apparently has an excellent data set and from reports very enlightening.

  3. You said that data from stalag New Zealand is accurate – many of us living under the repressive regime of tyrant Jacinda, have the complete opposite opinion – this NZ government is dishonest and controlling & wont allow any comment or publication of data, that shows the Pfizer jab narrative in a poor light – as an example, Jacinda is only acknowledging one death as being vaccine related, and wont acknowledge vax injuries at all (& everyone knows this to be a lie). Also, booster mandates remain in force for some work sectors despite overwhelming worldwide evidence of the harm being done, yet workers must risk this harm, otherwise they can’t work. NZ, a truely nasty place under Jacinda.

  4. If these deaths were all covid, our corporate media would be ramming it down our throats, their glaring silence speaks volumes, it tells us all what is going on and how evil thses characters really are.

  5. Thank you for your work – both in the hospital and on social media platforms. The response by the medical and scientific communities has been shocking. The few like you are keeping trust from being absolutely destroyed.

  6. If the governments, main stream media and universities really wanted to find out what was causing these excess deaths we would discover the cause pretty quickly. Why are the aforementioned organisations not interested in finding the truth???

  7. Plenty of individuals via people I know have been diagnosed with cancers in the last year. One friend knows three women that were diagnosed this year.

    Another friend knows two individuals with diagnoses, and his 8 year old niece has tumours in her spine and it's suspected to be cancerous.

    A former co-worker's wife was also diagnosed with cancer last year.

  8. Regardless of any conspiracy theories, one thing is clear. It takes years to determine the long term effects of any new medication/vaccine. The COVID "vaccine" was studied for what? 3-6 months before it was distributed for global inoculation? Thankfully, it would seem that most of the world has opened its eyes.

  9. I recently bought a motorbike, where do I tattoo the Medical Alert: NO BLOOD / PRODUCTS

    wrist, neck or forehead?

    It's it too early to talk about tainted blood donations?

    O- unvaxed. I'll keep my hemos for myself. Thanks.

  10. Prior death rates could be looked at, going back further than five years. You will find there was a low death rate for a period prior to the pandemic, therefore going further back for an average will give a different figure. How much that will affect the figures I don't know.

  11. Sooner or later the elephant in the room will be taking a dump of biblical proportions but don't worry, we can wipe it's ass with the tissue of lies being spun by all and sundry …. particularly those repeated and amplified by the bought and paid for lackeys in mainstream media 😉

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